What Is PCT (Post Cycle Therapy)?

If you are the kind of person that consider taking Prohormones or anabolic steroids, then you definitely have to think about the post cycle therapy.

But what is PCT (the post cycle therapy), what it really means to you and how can you make the most out of this so you can get the best possible outcome?

Here are some great ideas that you can take into consideration.

At its core, the PCT is a process that includes a variety of pharmaceutical drugs, compounds and a specific nutrition.

The idea here is that you want to re-regulate the hormonal levels, control the estrogen levels and get back to normal after you used Prohormones or steroids for a while.

As you can imagine, this is very important if you want to take steroids, because otherwise you can deal with side effects.

In fact, most of the time you can deal with side effects if you don’t take this seriously.

Some of the side effects include things like high blood pressure, gyno and so on.

In some situations you can even lose most of the gains that you had.

So yes, this is incredibly problematic if you don’t assess and handle the situation in a meaningful way.

But you can make the most out of post cycle therapy if you really know how to handle it adequately.

There are multiple things you have to consider, as you will see below.

But if you take your time and don’t rush it, the outcome can actually be quite astonishing in the end!

What Is PCT Supplement Used For?

Usually you will want to restore the pre-cycle environment for the body, and you also want to protect your gains.

But doing that isn’t going to work all the time, unless you have the right post cycle therapy.

The post cycle therapy supplements are great because they allow you to obtain all the results you want without that much of a problem.

The best part about all of this is that you can easily boost the power of your supplement and take it to the next level without that much of an effort.

When you do opt for the post cycle therapy supplements, there are some things to consider.

These include things like testosterone recovery, estrogen inhibition, minimizing fat gain, restoring health, boosting the workout performance, increasing your libido and so on.

Some people will focus on a single method, others will focus on multiple ones.

The idea is to pick the right one and identify which is the best option.

But what is PCT and what supplements will work for you?

As you can imagine, each supplement has specific requirements and it can surely take a lot of time and effort to get the results you want.

That being said, you will see that the post cycle therapy can be narrowed down to just a few supplements instead of multiple ones.

You want the supplements to be used for promoting recovery during the post-cycle period.

Ideally, for the regular post cycle therapy you want some supplements like Lean Extreme, Activate Extreme or Erase Pro.

But if you want some stronger cycles, you can also opt for Post Cycle Matrix and Frenzy.

All of these are very powerful and you can get some amazing results thanks to them.

You should totally check these out, so give them a shot and you are bound to like the results.

Why Post Cycle Therapy is Necessary?

The reason is simple, you want to make sure that you get the very best results and experience from something like this.

It’s definitely not a simple thing to focus on, but it can be done as long as you want to recover from the strenuous activities.

Workouts can put a lot of toll on your body, so PCT can actually work to your own advantage.

But you do need proper planning for the post cycle therapy.

If you don’t plan rightfully, you will see that there’s a lot of time to recover.

In fact, it can take a few months to recover and that’s a simple estimate.

It’s certainly going to be quite the problem, and you do want to avoid any potential problems for sure.

This is why the post cycle therapy is necessary, because it delivers the type of features and benefits that you may want without that much of a hassle.

It certainly works extremely well and it can help you step away from all the trouble and issues that usually come with recovery therapy.

That doesn’t mean it will be an easy thing to do.

But it can certainly offer you the value and challenges that you may need.

How Can You Prepare Your Post Cycle Therapy?

The first thing you want to have is a SERM.

This is the selective estrogen receptor modulator, some good options will be Clomid or Nolvadex.

Keep in mind that these are prescription drugs and you need to take them with any hormonal compound that affects the testosterone levels.

You won’t have enough benefits solely from the PCT supplements.

They will need some help when it comes to covering some of the things that they lack.

Don’t confuse the SERM with the SARM, as they are different things.

The SERM is what you need and it will help stimulate the pituitary gland.

This will help the gland release a more luteinizing hormone.

What this means is that your testicles will start producing more testosterone, and that’s incredibly important.

Aside from that, you may also see that you need an aromatase inhibitor.

The AI is a thing that will block the conversion of your testosterone to estrogen.

You want to recover, but you don’t want the testosterone to be converted to estrogen.

It can be used during the cycle, but you can also use it after the cycle if you want.

This way you can easily decrease the estrogen level, and that makes it very distinct and helpful.

One of the better AI supplements is Letrozole.

This one can decrease the estrogen levels by around 98%, and that is definitely amazing.

It’s important to eliminate and get rid of gyno when you do the post cycle therapy, and this type of AI supplement can really help very well.

It’s a unique, convenient thing to have and it can definitely offer you the type of benefits and value that you can expect.

You should consider checking it out and the value can be quite ok.

These AIs allows you to boost the gain while on cycle.

Even after the cycle, they will maintain a balanced and normal hormonal level.

It’s great that it can manage to eliminate the estrogen at the source right during the cycle.

This way you can prevent the estrogen issues and any loss of gains that may interfere with the testosterone production as well.

What Is PCT (Post Cycle Therapy)?

What does PCT do after A steroids cycle?

The post cycle therapy will allow you to regroup and to relieve the stress from your body.

At the same time, it also allows the hormones to deliver the kind of value and quality you would expect.

When is comes to what is PCT, it’s important to note that the post cycle therapy is very powerful and reliable, and it’s also designed to bring in front some very fast options.

A lot of gym lovers and bodybuilders such as Ulisses Jr, Chul Soon, Kali Muscle And Calum Von Moger tend to take steroids and they forget how important it can be to use post cycle therapy.

Steroids can have negative effects, and PCT allows you to deal with that sort of problem faster and easier.

It’s definitely a very good idea to know how to tackle all these things, so you should definitely consider checking this out.

It’s a nice approach to have and one that does bring in front some nifty ideas and the value can certainly be better this way.

Do keep in mind that health comes first.

This is why you need to opt for post cycle therapy.

It enables you to maintain the homeostasis in your body.

For a lot of people it can also boost your health level.

Basically, you can use steroids, the idea is not to abuse them.

If you use steroids, at least do the post cycle therapy when necessary and the results can be more than ok.

What Can The Post Cycle Therapy Do For You?

As we mentioned earlier, the post cycle therapy is very beneficial for your body.

It can deliver some rather nifty and impressive results.

For example, it can decrease the side effects of steroids, so your liver and kidney as well as other organs will be protected.

You can also balance the hormone levels and you can prevent catabolism, strength loss and any fat gains.

It’s a bit hard to do that right away, but the results on their own can be more than ok, so you should totally take that into consideration.

Of course, there are many other benefits that come from post cycle therapy.

For example, you get to reduce the male breast size, improve the chest appearance, not to mention that you can retain a very appealing presence without having to spend a lot of money.

Doing that on your own is very hard, but it’s this type of therapy that can actually work to your advantage.

Best Post Cycle Therapy Supplements

Beside What Is PCT, as you can imagine, there are multiple post cycle therapy supplements that you can use.

We already mentioned some above, and you will be pretty impressed with the value and efficiency that they can deliver.


Gynectrol is extremely good in this situation, and the best part about all of it is that this is not an expensive product.

It helps you particularly with fat reduction.

And yes, it can be used for PCT as well as gynecomastia.

In fact, it’s maybe the best option if you ended up with man boobs after the cycle.

It can easily help with fat burning too, a lot of people consider it to be very effective for fat loss and it can definitely offer you the type of benefits you expect from something like that.


PCT is another good product.

It’s designed to bring you a great way to maintain your gains without having to waste any money on other expensive product.

You can easily detox your body with this one too, and the best part is that it does work really well.

It can boost your testosterone and libido, and it’s also designed to bring in front value and quality without that much of an effort.

The idea is to boost the energy and stamina, all while decreasing the side effects of steroid use.

Both these PCT supplements are very efficient, and they are not that expensive either.

They can easily help you obtain the amazing results you want and the investment is small here as well.

That’s what makes them stand out, and the outcome is by far one of the best that you can find out there.

Yes, it can definitely be a huge challenge at times, but the results are bound to be quite impressive if you use this.

Is Post Cycle Therapy Safe?

Not only is PCT safe, it’s actually mandatory, if you take steroids often.

You want to stay healthy while still enjoying those benefits, and this can certainly come in handy.

It’s certainly not a simple thing to opt for, at least in the beginning.

But once you start training adequately, you will find that PCT does work very well and it can indeed provide you with the type of benefits and value that you can expect.

All you have to do is to check it out and you will be extremely impressed with the quality and attention to detail that you can obtain here.

So yes, post cycle therapy is a very good idea and you should consider checking it out.

It’s certainly worth it, and it does offer the type of value and results you want from something like this.

You should totally consider it, especially if you want to get rid of man boobs and retain the muscle gains!


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