What Is Dbol (Dianabol)? – Everything You Need To Know

If you’re looking to bulk up and really pile on those pounds of muscle, no doubt the thought of using anabolic steroids will have crossed your mind at least once.

If you’re a lifter, you’ll know that building muscle is a pain in the ass at times, especially when your body just isn’t responding.

You could very well be pumping iron like never before, training very smartly, eating the right foods at the right time, getting enough rest, using the correct supplements, and more besides, only to find that your body just does not want to grow.

Needless to say, this can be a royal pain in the backside and can really take a toll on a person mentally, as well as physically.

Rather than calling it quits and letting all of your gains just waste away, why not look into the possibility of steroids?

In terms of popularity, a great place to start is with dbol, but what is dbol?

Before using any steroid, or any supplement in general for that matter, it’s important that you do your research and find out as much about the product in question before using.

This is where we factor into the equation, as we will be looking at what is dbol, how it works, what it does, how to maintain dbol gains, safety, and more besides.

If you’re thinking of using dbol, here is everything you need to know about Dianabol.

What Is Dbol?

Dbol, or Dianabol, as it is also known is a steroid which has been around since the 1950s.

In fact, Methandrosenolone, which is its official scientific name, was made available to the general public in the 60s as it was used and prescribed for medical purposes.

There are many oral steroids out there, but the dbol is considered one of, if not the most, popular orals currently available.

A lot of people don’t know, however, that dbol can also be injected, though oral dbol is much more popular, and is actually considered a great deal safer as well.

One key reason why it is so popular, is because, due to being an oral steroid, those that are new to gear will often begin with it as the basis of a beginner cycle, as swallowing a tablet is obviously much easier than injecting oneself.

The steroid is very effective when it comes to fast muscle and strength increases, plus it is much more affordable than other steroids.

What Are Some Of The Key Benefits Of Dbol?

So, we’ve looked at what is dbol, now it’s time to look at some of the main benefits of dbol and to look at what it can do for its users.

The primary benefits of this steroid include the following:

Rapid Increases In Muscle Mass

Dbol is hugely popular in the bodybuilding world, and is found in many steroid cycles based upon bulking up.

For users looking to pile on the pounds of muscle, this steroid is ideal.

To begin with, rapid increases in size will be noted, though much of this comes from water retention.

It takes around two weeks for your body to get used to the dbol and to begin responding favourably, but once it does, boy will you know it.

Dbol will provide very noticeable increases in muscle mass when combined with a balanced diet and smart training regime, and with each passing week, the gains will become more apparent.

Great For Bulking

For bodybuilders looking to bulk up in their off-seasons, dbol is absolutely ideal.

Dbol begins working almost right away, though as mentioned, much of your size in the early stages will come from water retention.

Nevertheless, you will still gain size and become bigger, and as time goes by, once your body begins to utilize more proteins, your muscles will become even larger still.

Due to the water retention, this is not a steroid for cutting, but if mass is your goal, you are in luck.

Simple To Use

A lot of people are put off from using steroids at the thought of having to inject themselves, or have somebody else inject them, but with dbol, this isn’t a problem.

Dbol is most commonly found in oral form, meaning you simply swallow the tablet/tablets when required, and that’s it.

Increases In Energy And Strength

Not only will you find your muscles becoming larger by the day when you use dbol, but on top of that, you will also begin to notice significant increases in energy levels and strength levels.

This is great for athletes involved in a whole variety of different sports and disciplines, including strongman.

Your lifts will get stronger with each passing workout and your energy and recovery rates will be better than ever.

With this, and everything else, it’s easy to see why dbol is so popular.

What Is Dbol (Dianabol)

How To Use Dbol Effectively

In order to get the most out of dbol, you need to know how to use it effectively, otherwise you may as well save your time and your money.

The steroid in question is commonly found in the early stages of bulking cycles, as it leads to such rapid increases in size and strength.

Some bodybuilders will also use it to help break through a plateau when they are struggling to make progress as it can work wonders when progress has stalled in the gym.

Side Effects of Dianabol

Unfortunately, yes there are.

Like with all steroids, there are risks and side effects to be wary of.

Dbol does unfortunately aromatize and so there are some estrogenic side effects to be wary of.

The steroid is also hepatoxic which means that it can cause a certain degree of toxicity to the liver if precautionary measures are not taken.

These potential side effects generally include the following:

  • Gynecomastia
  • Water retention
  • Extreme bloating
  • Acne
  • Stomach cramps
  • Damage to the internal organs
  • Potential liver toxicity

There is also the possibility of androgenic side effects, though truthfully this will depend on the user of the steroids in question.

For example, whilst dbol will not cause a person’s hair to fall out by itself, if baldness runs in the user’s family, they will be genetically predisposed to losing their hair, and dbol could speed up the effects of this. Oily skin and acne are also possibilities.

Should PCT Be Used?

Yes, yes, and yes again!

When using anabolic steroids of any kind, post cycle therapy should always be run, and there are no exceptions here.

To begin with, before, during, and after a cycle, it is recommended that the user consumes milk thistle supplements, as these are absolutely fantastic for the liver and can help to protect it from liver toxicity.

As well as that, after ending a dbol cycle, either clomid, or nolvadex should also be used to help prevent the likelihood of detrimental side effects, especially estrogenic ones such as gyno.

Is Dbol For You?

Only you know the answer to this.

We’ve looked at what is dbol, plus we’ve covered what it does, and potential side effects as well, so it is now time for you to read through and weigh up the various pros and cons.

If you are fairly new to steroids and are looking for a powerful oral steroid that will increase your size and strength very quickly, dbol is ideal.

If however, you plan on cutting and losing weight, there are other far more effective steroids out there to help you achieve those goals and objectives.



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