What Do Steroids Do To Your Body?

If you’re a gym regular, whether you’re looking to build muscle, burn fat, get a little bigger, or get a little stronger in the process, there is a very strong chance that you will likely have heard people talking about steroids.

Steroids are sadly synonymous with the professional bodybuilding industry, which is why every single jacked guy or gal out there, will at some point, have been accused of being on gear.

Sometimes they will indeed have been taking steroids, but there are others with superior genes and genetics that will have achieved a ripped and muscular physique the natural way.

So, What Do Steroids Do To Your Body?

Steroids and hormones can provide some pretty amazing improvements to any physique, but they certainly do not work miracles.

You cannot expect to take steroids and gain muscle if you are not willing to eat clean and put in the hard work in the gym, as it just does not work that way.

Whilst steroids can help you to get big and jacked, if you do take them, you are automatically putting your health at risk as there are a number of proven side effects associated with steroid abuse.

Here’s a look at some of the harmful side effects associated with steroid abuse and what do steroids do to your body.

Do Steroids Make Your Penis Smaller

Well, in all honesty, steroids cannot make your penis smaller at all.

A lot of naysayers out there will talk about how steroids make men’s penises smaller when in reality it is impossible for this to occur.

They can, however, affect fertility, erection size, strength, and prominence and testicle size, but it is physically impossible for steroids to shrink a man’s penis, so don’t listen to anybody who tells you that steroids make a man’s penis smaller, because they don’t.

Steroids Shrink A Guy’s Testicles

when it comes on what do steroids do, as mentioned previously, steroids do not make a man’s penis smaller but what they can do is shrinks a man’s testicles and make them smaller, which could potentially make the genitalia appear smaller than it actually is.

The reason for this is that due to excess amounts of testosterone, as well as Estrogen and HGH, a man’s hormonal balance will fall out of sync, which will result in a number of physiological changes within the body, as well as physical changes such as those affecting the testicles.

This ironically results in natural testosterone levels being shut off by the body, and as testosterone is produced within the testes, this means that they shrink in size.

This in turn results in low T levels, which is why steroid users also inject testosterone.

A Man’s Testicles Will Return To Normal After A Cycle

Another common misconception associated with steroids is that a guy’s testicles will go back to normal after he stops taking steroids.

Unfortunately, this is not the case at all, as once your testicles shrink down as a result of the steroids the damage can often be irreversible.

You see, altering hormonal levels within the body will result in it taking a very long time to return to normal, and often it is actually unable to ever fully return to normal at all.

Many steroid users have to be prescribed testosterone by a doctor and will have to inject it for medical reasons, as naturally the steroids will have caused their T-levels to drop too low.

what do steroids do to your body

Steroid Use Can Affect Sexual Health

Another common downside associated with steroid use/abuse is the fact that past steroid users can have difficulty getting it up during sex.

It may be blunt, but blunt honesty is what is needed in this instance.

When you are using steroids as well as Testosterone, your libido will be on fire, but once you stop taking them, as your T levels are so low, this can affect your sex drive, plus it can affect your ability to achieve and sustain an erection.

Low testosterone levels and unbalanced hormonal levels often result in erectile dysfunction, which is the last thing a guy will want.

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Steroids Can Harm A Guy’s Fertility

For men who hope to one day become fathers, or perhaps to become fathers again, steroid usage just is not an option as steroids have been proven to severely hinder a guy’s fertility.

You see, to begin with, low testosterone levels will harm libido and can result in sexual dysfunction, but as well as that, steroid abuse can also naturally lower sperm counts and can hinder sperm mobility in the process.

Androgens located in the testicles are what is required for maintaining sperm counts and switching them on, and as androgen levels plummet during and after a steroid cycle, being on gear can severely hinder your chances of becoming a father.

And here what do steroids do to your body!

Over time, sperm counts can potentially return to normal, but in some cases the damage will be irreversible and a man may never be able to conceive as a result of his prior steroid usage, which is not ideal.

If you are considering taking steroids, you may wish to consider having your sperm frozen before you begin your cycle, just in case you do wish to become a father in the future.

Steroids Can Ruin A Guy’s Hips

One common, yet often ignored side effect associated with steroid use, is the fact that steroids can ruin a guy’s hip later on in life.

Hip pain is one of the most excruciating and debilitating types of pain in the entire world, and taking steroids puts you at a very great risk of having to suffer with this pain later on in life, and subsequently needing an artificial hip replacement.

Hip pain and injury caused by steroids is known as aseptic necrosis of the femoral head.

This condition is caused by high testosterone levels, as steroid users often inject high dosages of testosterone to counteract the testosterone reducing effects of the steroids they are using.

This results in the femoral head, which is the bone connecting the hip to the leg, to basically wither away and crumble.

The reason for this is that not enough blood or oxygen is able to be transported to it, so it becomes inadequate before wasting away to virtually nothing.

Steroids Can Make A Guy Go Bald

Now, before reading any further, it is important to note that steroids can indeed make a guy go bald, if he is genetically predisposed to baldness in the first place.

Baldness is hereditary and is therefore genetic, so if baldness runs in a guy’s family, there is a very strong chance that he will lose his hair and go bald.

If baldness does not run in his family, steroids will not cause him to lose his hair.

Basically, what do steroids do in this case, is speeding up the effects of male pattern baldness, so if he went bald before, the steroids will make him go bald quicker and may cause him to lose more hair.

Steroids Can Result In “Man Boobs”

Man boobs, or Moobs, for short, can indeed be caused by steroids, and it is all down to the excess Estrogen that steroids cause.

Steroid usage can have estrogenic effects on the body, causing Estrogen levels to build up.

Estrogen is like the anti-testosterone and is the dominant female sexual health hormone, that is also present in men, only in small doses.

Increased levels of Estrogen however, can cause hormonal imbalances which cause the man to store fat in his chest, especially around his nipples.

This is called gynecomastia and the only way to correct it is via surgery.

Gynecomastia often causes the nipples to look puffy and bloated, though sometimes it can result in fat being stored in a chest resulting in male breasts.

Steroids Can Damage The kidneys

Finally, before we wrap things up, we’ll finish up by talking about what do steroids do to the kidneys.

Your kidneys work basically as a filtration device, helping to filter anything out of your body that doesn’t need to be in there.

With steroids, as many of them have toxic compounds within them, the kidneys will be working overtime to try to remove them from your body, and this increased stress and pressure on them can result in them becoming damaged, as well as your blood pressure increasing as well.

Renal failure through steroid abuse can potentially be fatal in extreme cases.

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