Is Ulisses Jr Natural or Is He Using Steroids?

Unfortunately, whether you like it or not, bodybuilding has a certain stigma associated with it, due largely to the fact that we associate steroids with bodybuilding.

To insinuate that every bodybuilder out there is using, or has used, steroids are ridiculous, yet at the back of our minds, whenever we see a guy or gal in great shape, we find ourselves wondering whether or not they really are using steroids.

Steroids have been synonymous with bodybuilding for decades, and in fact, they were once completely legal.

Times have changed of course, and we now know how dangerous steroids can be is they are abused.

Now, we’re not here to talk about the pros and cons of steroid use.

We know the dangers and we know the benefits, and people will still continue to use them regardless of what we say.

What we are going to be doing today, however, is looking at the question of ‘is Ulisses Jr natural or is he using steroids’?

If you’ve ever seen Ulisses before, you’ll know how awesome he looks, and you yourself will probably wonder in the back of your mind whether or not he really is natty.

Well, for the sake of argument, we’ll be debating whether or not we think he truly is a natural or if he is, or has, ever used steroids.

A Quick Disclaimer

Before we go any further, we should first talk about the fact that the views expressed in this article are our own and are by no means definitive proof for, or against, steroid use.

We don’t know Ulisses Jr personally, and we certainly have no idea whether or not he really is using steroids or not.

What we do know, however, is how steroids work and what people tend to look like when they are using, or have used, steroids.

With that said we’ll be looking at Ulisses Jr and his physique and will decide, based upon certain pieces of evidence, whether he is truly natural or not.

Who Is Ulisses Jr?

If you’ve ever seen Ulisses Jr, either in person or online, you’ll immediately know just how amazing his physique really is.

Ulisses has muscles in places that most people don’t even have places.

With his amazing 8 pack ABS, and his lean, ripped, shredded, vascular, and powerful physique, you can’t help but be amazed.

What’s more, he’s got a head of hair that would make Thor himself jealous of.

Anyways, we digress.

Ulisses Jr is a Musclemania fitness competitor and has won numerous contests over the years such as Simeon Panda.

Ulisses Jr is 35 years of age, he stands at 5ft 10, and he weighs in at around 210 pounds.

Since he was a young boy Ulissses had always shown a keen interest in sports, health, and fitness.

He took up bodybuilding and weight lifting from an early age, and took to it like a duck to water.

Before long his physique began improving very noticeably, and people realized that he was the real deal.

When you take a look at Ulisses, if there was one word you would use to describe him, it would be ‘aesthetic’.

Ulisses is one of the most aesthetic bodybuilders/fitness competitors on the planet, which is one of the main reasons why people often find themselves asking whether Ulisses Jr is natural or on steroids.

If you’re one of these people, then worry not, because below, we’ll be taking a more in-depth look.

Why The Steroid Accusations?

first and foremost, when anybody has a physique as impressive as Ulisses Jr, being accused of using steroids is inevitable, especially online as it is now easier than ever for people to troll others and make hateful comments when hiding behind their computers.

With that said, however, Ulisses does certainly fit the mould for perhaps not looking quite as natural as he emphatically claims that he is.

Now, in the past Ulisses was adamant about the fact that he was a natural bodybuilder.

As time went by, however, more and more people accused him of using steroids, including some prominent names in the fitness community.

Since then, Ulisses does not appear to claim to be natural anymore such as Steve Cook, Jeff Seid and Mike O’hearn, as he has changed his bio on various social media pages to now omit the phrase ‘natural’.

This does not mean he is claiming to use steroids either.

In fact, it probably means that he simply grew sick and tired of constantly being accused of lying, so thought it easier to omit the word ‘natural’ from his bio.

Is Ulisses Jr Natural or Is He Using Steroids?

So, Is Ulisses Jr natural Of Is He Using Steroids?

So, the moment of truth is upon us.

It’s now time to look at whether or not Ulisses Jr is truly natural or is he is on steroids.

As mentioned, we don’t know for certain, in fact, the only people that truly know are probably Ulisses Jr, and perhaps a select few others.

With that said, however, we’ll be looking at a few tell-tale signs of steroid use, and of being natural, and we’ll do our best to draw our own conclusions.

So, here is some evidence for and against steroid use:

The Gains Timeline

Many steroid abuse experts often talk about the ‘gains timeline’ being one of the most efficient ways of figuring out whether or not an individual is using steroids.

You see, when natural bodybuilders begin training, after the first few months of lifting weights in the gym, and hopefully eating right as well, they put on some decent muscle mass.

After a while, however, once their bodies adapt to the natural training stimuli, their gains plateau and they find it much tougher to add muscle mass to their frames.

Because of this, they will add small amounts of muscle each year.

Now, when you compare this to a steroid user, the differences are amazing.

You see, when an individual uses steroids, even with very little weight training they would still add some acceptable muscle mass to their physiques.

When they really nail their diet and training, however, the improvements are astonishing.

Most steroid users will add around 30 pounds of muscle to their frames in as little as six weeks in some cases.

This is a heck of a lot of muscle.

Ulisses began lifting weights when he was in his late teens, and back then, his physique was typical of what you would expect a natural teenager’s to look like.

After a few years, however, something changed.

Perhaps he simply cleaned up his diet, stepped up his intensity, or found an amazing new protein supplement, but whatever he did, he added around 40 pounds of muscle in less than one year.

It is possible to do this naturally, of course, but it certainly makes you wonder.

His Condition

To lose enough body fat to reveal your abs is tough, to keep the fat off all year round, while still maintaining lean muscle is even harder.

Ulisses Jr however, seems to do this effortlessly.

He always, has always ABS, and he always seems to sit at around 5% body fat, sometimes less than that when he’s in prep mode.

He obviously has a very active metabolism, but could he also be using potent fat burning steroids like winstrol, to really help give him that lean, ripped, and defined look?

Well, some certainly seem to think so.

He Is Tested

This will come as quite a shock to those of you who are convinced that Ulisses Jr is on steroids, because he actually competes naturally, in natural competitions.

You see, Musclemania claims to be natural, and they drug test all of their athletes, so surely this would mean that Ulisses is natural like he claims, right?

Well, not necessarily, as you will find out below, but it certainly works in his favour for when he does claim to be drug-free.

Musclemania Drug Testing Is Questionable

The Musclemania organization does claim to be a natural organization and it does test its athletes.

However, many former Musclemania competitors over the years have actually gone on record to admit that they used steroids in the run up to compete.

But, how?

Well, they do test their athletes, but they test them after a contest.

For a bodybuilder on steroids, this is very useful because it means that they could technically plan a cycle to end at a certain time I.E just before a contest, so that they maintain their gains and condition, yet when they are tested the drugs should have left their systems so that the drug test will show up as a negative.

Ulisses Jr is a Musclemania pro, so even though he has passed numerous drug tests in the past, because of Musclemania’s questionable testing policies, I.E not being random, a clean drug test would necessarily indicate that the athlete in question is natural.

He isn’t Overly Big

Some bodybuilders out there, you only need to take one look at and you will know right away that they are using steroids.

No names mentioned, but when you have IFBB pro bodybuilders less than 5ft 10 inches tall such as Kris Gethin, weighing in at over 300 pounds in the off-season with visible ABS still, well, you don’t need to be a genius to figure out that they’re using steroids.

Ulisses Jr however, is not overly big.

Sure, when you see him you instantly notice his huge chest and chiselled arms, but by today’s standards he certainly isn’t a mass monster.

As mentioned, he’s around 5ft 10 and weighs in at 210 most of the time.

These stats on paper are not all that impressive, although his physique certainly is.

With that said, it certainly is not impossible for somebody less than 6ft tall, to weight in at 210 pounds naturally.

He Has A Mild Case Of Gyno

Many people out there have pointed out that Ulisses Jr does appear to have a very mild case of gyno.

To most people this is not noticeable, but for people who are aware of the side-effects of steroid use, it is just about noticeable if you really examine his physique.

Gyno, or gynecomastia, is a side-effect of steroid use, caused when the steroids aromatize in the body and cause excess estrogen build-ups.

This then causes fatty deposits and build-ups on and around the nipples, causing men to basically grow some amounts of breast tissue.

This causes the nipples to look puffy and swollen, and it can only be corrected via special surgery.

Ulisses Jr does appear to have a very, very mild case of gyno on one of his nipples, though this is certainly not a clear indication that he is, or was, using steroids.

Is Ulisses Jr Natural or Is He Using Steroids?

If He Was On Steroids Then What Might He Have Taken?

If Ulisses Jr was indeed on steroids, and as mentioned, we don’t know for sure, then he MAY have used the following drugs:

So, Is Ulisses Jr On Steroids Or Is He Natural?

Right, well, the results are in and we have reached a verdict.

Remember, we have no idea for certain, we are simply drawing our own conclusions.

Based upon the evidence above, however, we believe that Ulisses Jr is, or was on some form of steroid at some point.

You see, his condition is crazy, there are some potentially signs of Gyno, and he did pack on a lot of size quickly.

Judging from his physique and size, however, it’s obvious that Ulisses Jr is not on any potent and powerful steroids, if any at all, so we believe the dosages are low, and that the steroids are weak, and based mainly around fat loss and condition.
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