Is Terry Crews On Steroids Or Is He Natural?

We all know who Terry Crews is, right?

He’s that big, jacked, intimidating-looking, hyperactive, hilarious, and extremely approachable actor and comedian from Hollywood.

Oh, and he also helped put Old Spice back onto the map with his hilarious TV ads not too long back.

One thing you instantly notice about Terry Crews, is his amazing physique.

Terry Crews has a physique that some bodybuilders and fitness models out there would be jealous of.

Because he is so jacked however, naturally the Terry Crews steroids rumours and accusations quickly escalated as he made his way into the public eye.

The more we saw of Terry Crews, the more we heard the accusations of steroids.

But is there any merit to these accusations, or is it merely another case of jealous haters attempting to besmirch a character through pure jealously?

Well, if you take a look at Terry’s physique, you’ll instantly understand why some people are sceptical that is he is natty.

Because of this, in this article we are going to attempt to draw a conclusion as to whether or not we believe that Terry Crews is on steroids, or if he is natural.

The legal stuff

Before we proceed any further, we first need to get the boring legal stuff out of the way.

You see, we don’t know Terry Crews personally.

We never have, and we almost certainly never will.

Because of this, we have no idea what he is and is not taking to improve his physique.

We also have no access to his medical records, or any other personal info, so it is basically a case of us attempts to draw our own conclusions.

The content in this article is based purely on speculation on our parts, as we have no clear way of finding out whether Terry Crews is using anabolic steroids, or if he ever was.

So, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s learn more about big Terry.

Who Is Terry Crews?

Terry Crews is a Hollywood actor and comedian who has appeared on screen alongside some true legends in Hollywood, including: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Christian Bale, Denzel Washington, Tom Hardy, and many more besides.

What a lot of people don’t realize, however, is that Terry also happens to be one hell of an athlete, even now, at the ripe ole age of 49.

In his younger years, Terry showed a keen interest in sports, especially football.

Through school, he was clearly genetically gifted when it comes to sports and fitness, and because of this, his gym teachers encouraged him to pursue football.

He did, and he took to it like a duck to water.

Because of his large stature and his sporting abilities, he eventually began attracting the attention of some big-hitters in the NFL world.

He received a football scholarship at Western Michigan University.

In 1991, Terry was drafted by none other than the LA Rams.

He would also go on to play for the San Diego Chargers, and the Washington Redskins.

He played as a defensive end and a linebacker, before retiring from the NFL in 1997.

Needless to say, because he was busting his ass on the football field, he was also busting his ass in the gym, training like a madman and packing on some serious size.

Standing at 6ft 3 and weighing in at just shy of 250 pounds – all muscle, he certainly was a physical specimen.

What was even more remarkable was the fact that, despite he weighed 250 pounds, he moved as if he was 100 pounds lighter.

Is Terry Crews On Steroids Or Is He Natural?

Battle Dome

After retiring from football, Terry’s next plan was to work in Hollywood, and be involved in films in some way.

He held no real aspirations to get in front of the camera, instead, he intended to try to land work behind it.

Surprisingly, his very first “acting” gig came in the form of a character athlete.

In 1999, a Gladiators-styled sporting game show titled Battle Dome, premiered on the TV.

It is best described as being a hybrid of American Gladiators and Pro-wrestling.

In fact, a few years later, they actually ran an “invasion” storyline with the now WWE-owned, WCW, in which pro wrestlers from WCW would invade the Battle Dome, and the Battle Dome athletes would invade WCW Nitro live tapings on a Monday night.

Where does Terry fit into this?

Well, Terry was hired as a Battle Dome athlete named T-Money. His gimmick was basically a much bigger, more physically intense version of Floyd Mayweather Jnr.

Each week, T-Money would enter the Battle Dome in expensive and flamboyant-looking suits, and would basically manhandle the contestants like they were nothing.

It was very rare that T-Money would be bested in the Battle Dome arena.

Oh, and as we’re talking about Terry Crews steroids accusations, another familiar face in the Battle Dome, that has also had his fair share of steroid accusations over the years, was none other than Mike O’ Hearn, who was known as Michael O’Dell in the Battle Dome arena.

Is Terry Crews On Steroids Or Is He Natural?

Acting Career

Battle Dome ran for a couple of years, and although initially it was fairly popular, it soon lost its appeal, and subsequently, it was canned in 2001.

However, as Terry had had to audition for the role of T-Money, and because he would compete in front of thousands of screaming fans inside an arena, rather than outdoors, he gained the confidence to consider appearing in front of the cameras more frequently, playing somebody else rather than himself.

He appeared in a number of TV commercials, and some music videos, though his first major on-screen role came in the movie Friday After Next, which starred none other than Ice Cube.

Interestingly, the help pay the bills as he tried out in the NFL, Crews had also done some work on the side as a bodyguard for none other than Mr Ice Cube, so the two were familiar with one another.

Soon after he would land with small parts in smash hits, including Training Day, where again, due to his impressive physique, he was instantly recognisable.

With larger roles in comedies such as White Chicks, Everybody Hates Chris, The Longest Yard, and more besides, Terry Crews proved that, just because you were big and muscular, you didn’t need to be typecast in action roles.

In fact, it wasn’t until he appeared in The Expendables, which in itself takes a tongue-in-cheek look at action movies, that he would appear in more physically demanding roles.

He has been nominated for numerous awards in his acting career, though as yet, he hasn’t quite landed the gold, though surely it won’t be long?

Right, So What About The Terry Crews Steroids Accusations?

So far, we’ve learnt a lot about Terry, but very little about his physique and why people accuse him of taking steroids.

Well, as mentioned, Terry Crews is 6ft 3 and weighs in at around 245 pounds as of this writing.

He is all muscle, with barely an ounce of fat on him.

With his huge chest, traps, arms, and powerful legs, Terry is incredibly physically imposing to look at.

He clearly spends a lot of time in the gym lifting weights and training, but how has he been able to pack so much size onto his frame?

Well, some believe he is using anabolic steroids.

Let’s look at some evidence, both for, and against, the use of steroids by Terry Crews.

Terry Claims He Is Natural

If you’re a Hollywood celebrity with even a half-decent physique, it won’t be long before some Z-list publication accuses you of using steroids.

It takes a very brave celebrity to even acknowledge these accusations, because with just one wrong word, or one clever piece of editing, you could find yourself in all kinds of trouble.

Terry Crews, however, has publicly stated on his Facebook page, that is natural.

He stated ‘I am 100% steroid free.

Always have been.

Always will be.

Is Terry Crews On Steroids Or Is He Natural?

I am proof that it is possible to be my size without drugs, kids.

But I have a gang of vitamins…’ So, he claims he has never used steroids and that he never will.

This certainly isn’t proof, but it definitely gives him credibility to make such a bold claim.

His comment about vitamins is interesting, as perhaps vitamins could be slang for hormones, which, are not drugs as the body naturally produces them.

Again, this is pure speculation on our part, as the most likely scenario is that his comment about vitamins was literally referring to vitamin supplements.

He Does Appear To Have An Attainable Body

Okay, yes, Terry Crews is big and jacked, but there are individuals out there that are believed to be natural, that do have very similar physiques to Terry.

His arms, while being big and defined, are not freakishly big.

In fact, it is his chest that gives him the appearance of being bigger than he is, because it is just so darn huge.

So, could it just be a case of Terry being blessed with great genetics and an unusually large chest?

Perhaps, but we’re not through quite yet.

He Takes His Health Seriously

Terry Crews is a man that knows all about health and fitness.

He regularly does cardio and runs several miles per day.

He also eats very clean, he uses vitamin and health supplements, and he of course loves to throw some heavy iron around in the gym.

Now, for somebody very health conscious, taking drugs like certain forms of anabolic steroids, would not be the smartest thing to do.

As you know, steroids can be very bad for your internal organs, and if they are used incorrectly, they can cause all kinds of unpleasant side-effects.

Terry isn’t your typical meat-head bodybuilder that lifts heavy weights, chugs raw eggs, and neglects cardio because he believes it will ‘destroy his gains’.

In fact, Terry has stated that many bodybuilders are unhealthy because they don’t perform cardio.

You wouldn’t find many health gurus drinking alcohol or using drugs, so if Terry is as committed to optimal health as he claims, surely he wouldn’t risk his health by swallowing or injecting steroids.

He Isn’t Overly Vascular

Take one look at Terry shirtless, and trust us, there are plenty of pics out there, and you’ll see that he sits at around 8 or 9% bodyfat most of the time.

This means that he is pretty ripped as his ABS are always visible.

Despite this, he is not very vascular at all, which is unusual for somebody at such low bodyfat.

Yes, we know that genetics play a huge role in a person’s vascularity, but surely if he was using gear, he gots a slight amount of vascularity, even if it was just a vein running down his bicep?

Definition Makes You Look Bigger

Terry Crews is a big dude, there’s no denying that, but he isn’t huge.

One thing about Terry is the fact that he is always in shape, and when we say he’s in shape, we mean it.

His ABS are always visible and he is very ripped and defined.

One thing about being ripped, is that it creates the illusion of making a person look bigger than they actually are.

If Terry were to relax with his diet and cardio, and gain some bodyfat and retain some water, though he would be heavier, he would actually look softer and far less impressive.

So, Are The Terry Crews Steroids Accusations Viable?

In our humble opinions, we have to say that we believe Terry Crews is natural, for all intents and purposes.

However, due to his size and condition, we also would not be surprised to find out that he was running low doses of testosterone and HGH or even a tren cycle, especially as he grows older.

Again, there is no evidence for this, other than how he looks, so do with that info what you will.


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