Simeon Panda: Natural Or On Steroids?

With a name like Simeon Panda, you will probably not be surprised to hear that Simeon Panda himself, often attracts a great deal of attention from the online fitness community.

The attention he attracts, however, is not due to his fairly unusual name, no, it is from his physique.

You’re here because you’re interested in working out and getting in shape.

You also probably know just what a huge commitment it is to make the effort to burn fat and pack on the pounds of lean muscle.

In fact, there are only an elite few people in the world who can claim to build muscle and simultaneously burn fat, and Simeon Panda is one of those few.

However, because it is so difficult to build a lean, powerful, and aesthetic physique, a lot of bodybuilders out there find themselves turning to the dark side, or, to put it in terms that non-fitness buffs will understand, they decide to use anabolic steroids.

We know that steroids build muscle, and we also know that they can be very dangerous if abused.

We’re not here to pass judgement, nor are we here to advocate the use of steroids, or natural bodybuilding.

No, what we’re here to do is to analyse one of the most aesthetic and powerful physiques in the world, that of Simeon Panda, and try to decide whether he is natural or on steroids.

So, is Simeon Panda Natural or on steroids?

Well, let’s try to find out shall we.

A Quick Disclaimer

Before we start our little investigation, it’s important that we get the legal and technical issues out of the way first.

We do not know Simeon Panda and we are not associated with him in any way.

We also do not have access to his personal info, or anything else.

Basically, what we’re trying to say is that we do not know for certain whether Simeon is, or has, ever used steroids before.

Therefore, the verdict we reach will be based purely off of our own opinions, and should not be interpreted as facts in any way, shape, or form.

The only people who know whether Simeon Panda is natural or on steroids is Simeon himself, and a few others.

With that said, here’s a look at whether or not we believe he has built his amazing body, and yes, it really is amazing.

Naturally, or whether he has used anabolic steroids or hormones to help get him in shape.

Who Is Simeon Panda?

If you aren’t familiar with Simeon Panda, then allow us to bring you up to speed.

Simeon Panda is an English bodybuilding from the UK.

Born in 1986, in London, the capital city of England.

Simeon is now one of the most recognised bodybuilders on the planet.

He has close to 5 million followers on Facebook alone, and that doesn’t include his various other social media pages.

Simeon is widely respected in the fitness community, and in fact, he has one of the most aesthetic physiques in the industry, and that is no small feat.

Simeon stands at 6ft 1 and weighs in at around 238 lbs as of this writing.

Simeon emphatically claims to be all-natural, and has even earned himself the nickname of ‘the natural Arnold Schwarzenegger’.

This is because Simeon has packed on as much muscle as Arnold did in his prime, which he claims, he did naturally.

To be clear, Arnie himself has admitted to using steroids when he competed, in fact, many compounds back then were legal, as opposed to now.

Anyway, this isn’t about the Austrian Oak, this is about Simeon, so back on topic.

Simeon’s waist is just 31 inches, yet he weighs close to 240 pounds of solid muscle.

Not only is he big, lean, and ripped, but he also has a very symmetrical physique.

His arms, back, delts, chest, legs, core, and waist, are all in proportion, and he looks freaking awesome, there’s no denying that.

Most men would kill for a physique like Simeon’s but is it attainable naturally?

Hmm, let’s keep going.

Simeon Panda Natural Or On Steroids

Simeon Panda And His Critics

Simeon is not just some Insta-famous bodybuilder with a lot of followers online.

No, Simeon’s career is right in the fitness industry.

He has earned himself a Musclemania Pro card and has won numerous bodybuilding competitions over the years beside Ulisses Jr.

He has also appeared in numerous fitness magazines, and is sponsored by My Protein, who are the biggest supplement company in all of Europe.

That’s no small feat for a 31-year-old.

Now, when you look great and you’re successful, you can pretty much guarantee that you will attract the ‘haters’ as they are known, especially as the internet now provides anonymity so people can make comments from anywhere in the world, at any time, without having to worry about repercussions.

Simeon is no exception to this rule as he often attracts a lot of very negative attention, and sometimes the comments he receives online are just downright disgusting.

Personal abuse aside, one of the main criticisms that he receives is the fact that people are constantly accusing him of using steroids.

Now, Simeon is adamant that he is natural, but when you see how awesome he looks in person, well, you can understand why people may think he is using something.

Simeon claims to be natural yet he is virtually the same size as Arnold Schwarzenegger was when he competed, when he was using gear, and we all know what amazing genetics Arnie had.

Most people out there just flat out refuse to believe the fact that diet, training, and legal steroids/supplements have evolved so much over the last four decades, that natural bodybuilders nowadays can build physiques larger than former Mr Olympia bodybuilders who were very open about the steroids they were using, such as Jeff Seid, Steve Cook and Mike O’hearn.

Simeon also has a reputation for providing generic cookie-cutter advice and training programs, while charging a lot of money, so you can kinda’ understand why some people are so ticked off.

So, is Simeon Panda Natural Or On Steroids?

Now the moment is upon us, the time to decide whether Simeon is indeed natty as he claims, or whether he could potentially be using steroids.

Let’s look at some evidence for and against steroid use.

He Claims To Be Natural

Firstly, we’ll begin by looking at something which could indicate Simeon is natural.

You see, when most bodybuilders are asked if they are on steroids, they normally deny it and then quickly change the subject.

It’s obvious that they feel uncomfortable talking about it, and normally this is because it is obvious they are on the gear.

Simeon, however, is adamant that he is natural, and he is so emphatic about this point, that he has threatened legal action against individuals who have said he was using steroids (Remember, we’re not accusing anybody of using steroids, so no legal action here, please).

You would have to believe that he would be pretty brave to keep bringing the subject up, rather than just to let it lie, which many believe could point to the fact that he is natural.

His physique

Okay, Simeon is as big as Arnie was in his prime, which many believe has to point to the fact that he uses steroids.

Not only is he just as big, if not bigger, his waist is actually smaller.

Simeon is carrying around a heck of a lot of muscle, and what’s more, everything is in proportion.

It is certainly not impossible to get that size naturally, but boy would it be difficult.

For this reason, people tend to believe that he is using something.

His Body Fat

Though we don’t have any exact figures when it comes to Simeon’s body fat percentages, if you see him in photos and at expos, etc., he always looks shredded and generally when off-season, he looks to be around 7% body fat.

When he competes or diets down for a shoot, however, he looks to be as low as 3 or 4%.

To get your body fat percentages this low takes a huge amount of work, and to maintain that kind of condition all year long, well, that would be brutal.

Does Simeon simply train and diet his butt off, or does he have help from anabolic substances?

His Physique Has Not Changed Drastically

This next piece of evidence would suggest that Simeon could in fact be natural.

You see, when most people start running a cycle of anabolic steroids, you can instantly tell when they are on gear because their bodies change so drastically for example Mike Rashid and Kali muscle.

Naturally, it can take years to build a few pounds of lean muscle, yet when you take steroids you can build as much as 30 pounds in a matter of months.

Simeon, however, has never suddenly blown up or shrunk down.

He has been training for more than a decade now, in fact, it is closer to two, and although he has made some very impressive gains over the years, the improvements to his physique came gradually, rather than suddenly out of the blue.

So, this would suggest that either he is natural as he claims, or that he has constantly been running a steroid cycle since his teens, which is highly unlikely indeed.

Simeon Panda Natural Or On Steroids

No Flushed Skin

You will also notice that Simeon has no flushed skin, as opposed to other steroid users, who often look so red that they look like they may burst at any minute.

Steroids often ramp up your blood pressure, which causes your skin to look red and flushed, yet Simeon never looks this way, even when he is training and is in the middle of a gruelling workout.

Maybe he could be natty as he claims?

Let’s keep going.

He Is Drug Tested

As mentioned, Simeon earned his Musclemania pro card not too long ago, and he regularly competes in the Musclemania division.

This division is actually drug tested, which means that Simeon would have to also be tested if he were to compete, which he has done.

Now, not so fast, because numerous athletes have gone on record as saying that the Musclemania drug tests are very easy to beat, due to the fact that the tests are not random.

You see, with random drug tests, you could be tested at any time, so you couldn’t plan a cycle because you would have no idea when the test would occur.

With the Musclemania drug tests, however, the testing takes place after a contest.

That means that bodybuilders could simply plan their cycle ahead of time, and leave themselves enough time to allow all of the steroids to pass out of their systems, before they underwent the test.

Passing a drug test certainly works in Simeon’s favour, though as mentioned, it is not definitive proof of being a natural athlete, because the tests are so easy to beat.

He Has Passed A Lie-detector Test

So sick and tired of being accused of being on steroids, Simeon himself actually arranged for a Polygraph lie-detector test, to try to shut up his haters once and for all.

The test was performed by one of the most respected experts in the UK, and Simeon actually passed with flying colours.

His results, in fact, were 3% more accurate than most standard lie-detector tests.

He was asked whether he had ever used any type of anabolic steroids in his life, or if he had ever used GH in his life, to which he answered ‘NO’ to both questions.

He passed both questions, which is very impressive it has to be said.

Is Simeon Panda Natural Or On Steroids?

So, natural or on gear.

Well, we have to say that from looking at Simeon, we would instantly cry steroids, but when you weigh all of the evidence up above, this does point more in favour of Simeon being natural.

Therefore, although he could very well be on steroids, or have used them, we believe he may simply be blessed with awesome genes, a strong work ethic, and a stunning physique, making him natural.


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