Sergi Constance: Natural Or On Steroids?

Have you ever noticed how some people just seem to be blessed with all of the gifts in the world?

There are guys out there that are good looking, they’re athletic, they’re intelligent, they always seem to succeed with whatever they try to accomplish, and they just seem to be able to build muscle and burn fat like it’s the easiest thing in the world.

Then there are others, who only need to look in the direction of baked goods to gain 10 pounds of body fat.

Yes, we know that’s a slight exaggeration, but you get the message we’re trying to put across.

One of the aforementioned individuals that happened to be at the very front of the line when genetics were being handed out, is Sergi Constance.

Not only is Sergi a good looking young man, he is also in amazing shape, he’s hugely intelligent, he’s a model, and he is literally living his dreams.

One thing that does seem to be troubling fans of bodybuilding, however, is the fact that Sergi’s physique does appear to be too good to be true from a natural perspective.

He looks that great that many people accuse him of being on steroids, but what’s the truth?

Well, that’s where we will be stepping in because in this article we’ll be looking at is Sergi Constance natural or on steroids, in a bid to determine whether he could possibly be using performance-enhancing drugs to improve his physique.

A Legal Disclaimer

Before we dive into the good stuff and start looking at whether we think Sergi is indeed using gear, we first need to get the legal basics out of the way.

We have never met Sergi and we certainly have no idea whether he is truly on steroids or not.

We have no access to his medical records and so we have no true idea as whether he is truly using steroids.

The aim of this article, however, is to look at the evidence both for, and against the potential steroid use in a bid to determine whether he could possibly be using, or have used, anabolic steroids to enhance his physique.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s learn more about Sergi and his awesome physique.  

Who Is Sergi Constance?

Sergi Constance is the man that most other men wish to be.

He is your typical alpha male that is willing to work hard at whatever he does, in a bid to ensure he meets his goals and targets.

He is a bodybuilder that has made quite an impact in a relatively short amount of time.

He has one of the best men’s physique bodies in the whole of bodybuilding, and what makes it even more impressive is the fact that he is not yet 30 years of age.

Hailing from Spain, Sergi has graced the covers of some of the most iconic magazines in the health, fitness, and bodybuilding communities, including Iron Man, along with Muscle and Fitness.

As you know, to grace the cover of those magazines is anything but easy, in fact, to be featured on the back page would be a huge accomplishment, so you can imagine how awesome you would have to look to actually feature on the front cover.

Sergi is not only a men’s physique competitor such as Jeff Seid, Jeremy Buendia and Steve Cook, he also is a model, the owner of his very own clothing line, and holds a degree in the sciences of physical education and sports.

As you can see, Sergi has athletic blood flowing through his veins, but because of his amazing body and transformation, this has led to people questioning whether athletic blood is all that flows through his veins. Sergi stands at 6ft 1 inches tall, and weighs in at between 207 and 215 pounds.

On paper that’s big, but not freakishly big, and those stats could certainly be achieved naturally.

However, Sergi also walks around at roughly 5% body fat, even during the off-season.

He is ripped to shreds, and in fact, he looks to have muscles in places that most people don’t even have places.

Sergi Constance: Natural Or On Steroids?

The Early Days

Like everybody, Sergi was once a beginner when it came to bodybuilding, and in fact, he didn’t get into the game until quite late.

Whereas some bodybuilders picked up their first set of dumbbells at 14, and never looked back since, Sergi’s story is a little different.

As he’s so painfully good looking, Sergi quickly caught the eyes of several modelling agencies.

He always had a passion for sports, and after completing his studies and trying his hand at countless sports and physical activities.

Because of this, he obviously had to spend time in the gym, plus he knew a thing or two about physical exercise.

He noticed his physique responding well to training, which only helped earn him more attention in the modelling world.

After several years of success, Sergi’s focus began to shift in another direction.

Rather than focussing on modelling, he instead decided to try his hand at bodybuilding.

He quickly drew the attention of bodybuilding fans, with many of them questioning whether or not he was using steroids, or if he had ever used steroids.

Is Sergi Constance Natural Or On Steroids?

Now it’s time to look at whether or not we believe that Sergi is using, or has ever used, steroids in the past.

Just a quick heads up to let you know that coming to this conclusion is going to be hard because there is no photographic or video evidence of Sergi from years ago.

It’s like he is some beautiful, genetically gifted, bearded god of aesthetics that was sent back in time to inspire gym-goers worldwide into getting in shape.

Despite this lack of evidence, we like a challenge, so we’ll now look at what little evidence we do have, in a bid to determine whether we believe that Sergi has used gear.

The Before And After Picture

Right, this is where things get frustrating.

You see, normally with these types of articles, we look at a bunch of pictures of the athlete from several years ago, and compare them to now and look at how much they have changed, and how much their body has changed.

Say for example, you have a 180 pound man in one picture, and 2 years later he has suddenly blown up to 250 pounds of solid muscle, well, you wouldn’t need to be a genius to figure out that he was using steroids.

With Sergi however, things are different.

Sergi gained quite a following on social media, with many of his fans bugging him to post a before and after picture.

After several months of relentless badgering, Sergi finally relented and posted a “before” picture. It did not go down well.

The picture was from 2010, with the after picture from 2017.

In the before picture, other than not having a tan, and having a less-epic beard, he looks pretty much the same.

He wasn’t some skinny dweeb who looked as if he’s never lifted a weight in his life, he was still big and jacked, he was simply paler, less beardy, and was carrying a couple more percentage points of body fat.

Oh, and he was also lacking a tattoo, but we’ll forgive that.

Despite a lack of “before pictures” this image does still give us a few potential signs of steroid use.

Sergi Constance: Natural Or On Steroids?

The 7-year Transformation

Sticking with the same theme, when looking at Sergi’s transformation, or rather, Sergi’s epic tanning skills, there are a few indications that he MAY has used some form of steroid to help him out.

You see, in the after image, his shoulders do look fuller and more rounded, which is often an indication of steroid use.

Not only that, but he also looks to be slightly bigger, despite the fact that he is probably sitting at 4% body fat in the image, as opposed to maybe, 9% or 10% in the after pic.

This is unusual because it takes a very special kind of athlete to burn fat at that size and to not only maintain their lean muscle, but to actually GAIN lean muscle as well.

One thing that is worth noting is the fact that, the more ripped and vascular we become, the more muscular we look, so it could be a case of Sergi simply looking bigger because he is leaner and more ripped and vascular.

Also, he looks wicked tan in the after image, which also makes you look bigger and more defined, which is why bodybuilders use fake tan before they step on stage.

He Has IMPLIED That He Was Natural

Like most athletes and bodybuilders when it comes to steroids, Sergi has played it conservatively when asked outright if he was using gear.

All you have to do is browse his social media pages and you’ll find an endless barrage of online abuse from people accusing him of using steroids.

When asked outright in the past, Sergi neither confirmed, nor denied using steroids, but he appeared to imply he was natural.

He said something along the lines of ‘being able to build the body that he has through years of consistent diet and exercise’.

Notice he didn’t even mention supplements in there.

Talk, as they say, is cheap, however, so just because a person implies something, that doesn’t necessarily make it gospel truth.

He Maintains Such Epically Low Body Fat

This next piece of evidence could potentially point to the fact that Sergi is maybe using some form of steroids.

As you know, losing a few pounds of fat when you’re overweight can be very tough.

Losing fat when you already have visible ABS is a whole other matter entirely, yet Sergi is consistently able to do this.

Not only does he cut for photoshoots and contests, he actually maintains his freaky condition all year long.

Sergi constantly looks as if he is two weeks out from a contest, even when he is deep into the off-season.

Whereas his competitors have long since kissed their ABS goodbye for the winter, Sergi often looks more ripped and defined than ever.

Maintaining this kind of shape naturally would require a huge amount of hard work and dedication.

This, then, has led to many people accusing him of using steroids for cutting, I.E Winstrol, to help him maintain his muscle mass and incredibly low body fat percentages.

So, Is Sergi Constance Natural Or On Steroids?

Coming to this conclusion was incredibly tough for a whole variety of different reasons.

To begin with, Sergi appears to have lived his life as a ghost until 2010, so there is no photographic or video evidence online of Sergi before this point.

By 2010 he was pretty big and jacked, just not quite as tanned or heavily bearded.

This however, proves nothing because in his before picture he could potentially have been using steroids then, or it could just be a case of awesome genetics.

There are no other obvious signs of steroid use.

He never looks bloated, he never has acne, there are no signs of gyno, and his body has not changed dramatically in a short space of time.

It could be a case of Sergi Constance using weaker cycles, or perhaps steroids for cutting such as Winstrol, but, if you were to put us on the spot, we’d say that Sergi could be natural, although we would like to see pictures of Sergi from before 2010 before we could come up with a definitive answer.
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