Is Mike Rashid On Steroids or Natural?

If you find yourself bored one night in the gym, grab a few regular bodybuilders, sit them down, ask them if they think Mike Rashid is natural or on steroids and watch them go.

Many a heated debate has been sparked in regards to whether or not Mike Rashid is natural or using steroids and that will not change anytime soon.

Not only does Mike Rashid have an incredibly powerful and ripped physique, he also happens to be a hardcore training partner of CT Fletcher.

CT Fletcher is one of the most intense bodybuilders to ever walk the earth, and despite suffering a heart attack not too long ago, he still continues to train like a true beast.

Anybody who not only trains with CT Fletcher, but who actually can hang with CT, has to have some pretty amazing traits when it comes to bodybuilding.

Mike Rashid has an amazing physique, there’s no denying that, but is it a body that was built naturally, or is it a body that was built with the help of anabolic steroids?

Well, soon, everything will become clear.

In this article we’ll be looking at Mike Rashid and will be trying to figure out whether, in our minds, he is truly natural or if he is on steroids or has ever used steroids.


Before we begin, we’ll first kick things off by getting the legal mumbo jumbo out of the way.

We do not personally know Mike Rashid, we’ve never met him, we’ve never seen him use steroids, and we certainly do not have access to his medical records.

Therefore, the conclusion we draw at the end of this article is purely our own opinion and should by no means be interpreted as being true facts.

Now that’s out of the way, is Mike Rashid on steroids or natural?

Who Is Mike Rashid?

Mike Rashid is a YouTube fitness personality with a reputation for being as strong as an Ox, having a great physique, and training like a beast with the help of his long-time buddy CT Fletcher.

Mike Rashid is an entrepreneur, an author, a boxer, a personal trainer, and the CEO of a number of businesses he founded, and built from the ground up.

Before he found fame as an online fitness guru, Mike Rashid was still a very active person and it was clear from a young age, that he was athletically gifted.

In a previous life, before he got into bodybuilding, Mike was actually a former boxer.

He was also pretty darn good as he is a 2 x Golden Gloves winner, which is no small feat.

He has millions of followers and subscribers online, he has authored a number of successful books and ebooks, and as mentioned, he regularly trains with CT Fletcher.

He primarily focuses on his supplement company, along with his fitness apparel company, though he also offers online personal training and fitness coaching.

He was also the co-founder of the infamous ‘Iron Addicts Gym’ in Miami, which was raided and closed down not too long ago, for, yep you guessed it – steroids.

Now, it is worth noting that Rashid was not arrested nor implicated in any way, instead it was his business partner at the time that faced legal troubles.

Mike Rashid And His Fitness Career

Since he was a young child, Mike had always been involved in sports and fitness as his father would actively encourage him to get involved in outdoor pursuits and activities.

He would often work out outdoors with his father and play games with his friends before showing a bit of an interest in athletics.

As he grew older, however, he showed a keen interest in boxing.

By his teens, he had turned pro and won 2 National Golden Gloves titles.

Because he was training for boxing, he found himself in the gym a lot and would perform a lot of compound lifts for functionality.

He actually enjoyed this training more than boxing and by the time he was in his twenties, he had taken up Powerlifting and would only box every now and then.

Because of this, he began training with many fitness personalities, including CT Fletcher and Dana Linn Bailey, and he decided to take up bodybuilding.

He placed first in 2010 at an NPC natural bodybuilding contest and the rest, as they say, is history.

Is Mike Rashid On Steroids or Natural?

Why The Steroid Accusations?

As you have probably noticed, the internet is not the kindest place for people to hang out.

All you have to do is disagree with somebody, or state your opinion online and that’s it, you will find yourself being subjected to brutal online trolling.

As Mike Rashid is in the public eye and has millions of followers online, he gets trolled pretty hard.

Mike claims to be natural and has competed naturally, yet because he is so strong and because he looks so awesome, people can’t help but wonder whether or not he really is natural or not.

To be fair, Mike really is a beast as he stands at 5ft 11 and weighs in at around 220 pounds of solid muscle, making him a fairly large dude.

What’s more, his condition is also very impressive, which again, is very difficult to maintain naturally.

These are the main reasons why so many people online are so quick to accuse him of using steroids, but do they have a point or are they merely trolling for attention?

Is Mike Rashid On Steroids Or Natural?

Now that we know more about Mike Rashid and how awesome he looks, it’s now time to take a look at whether or not we believe he is natural or whether he is using steroids, or has ever used steroids.

Below you will find a series of pieces of evidence both for, and against, Mike Rashid using steroids.

The Iron Addicts Gym scandal

To begin with, we’ll address the huge elephant in the room and will look at the Iron Addicts Gym scandal a few years back.

As mentioned, Mike co-founded the gym along with Richard Rodriguez.

Richard was arrested for selling steroids illegally from the gym and using it as a base.

The gym was raided and closed down by the police, yet Rashid was not arrested, charged, or implicated.

Despite this, however, when you consider his size, along with the fact that a gym that he co-founded, was closed down because it was used as a base for an illegal steroid operation, well, you can understand why people are so quick to accuse Mike of using steroids.

It is worth noting that the DEA itself, states the gym was legitimate and had done nothing wrong.

The only issue was the fact that Rodriguez happened to base his steroid office from the gym.

Mike’s physique

If you want to get an idea of whether or not somebody is using anabolic steroids, often all you need to do is take a look at their physique.

Mike is just under 6ft tall, yet he weighs 220 pounds of solid muscle.

What’s more, he is very ripped and vascular, and has low body fat percentages of roughly 5% – 7% all year long.

It is possible for a person to build this type of physique naturally, but as he does look so awesome it has caused a lot of people to wonder whether or not he really is as ‘natty’ as he claims to be.

A lot of people compare Mike to former IFBB pro bodybuilders such as Surge Nubret, who was actually slightly smaller than Mike, yet he himself had used steroids in the past.

It does then beg the question as to why bodybuilders nowadays are able to become bigger, stronger, and leaner than bodybuilders from decades ago, without the help or drugs.

He Has What Is Known As A ‘photoshop look’

Often times when you see a truly stunning physique, people online will say that it has been photoshopped to make it look better than it actually is.

With Mike Rashid however, beside other models such as Lazar Angelov, Mike O’hearn, Ulisses Jr and Simeon panda, he that photoshop look in person, meaning that his physique legitimately looks that amazing.

Now, for anybody to say that your body looks photoshopped is a real compliment, but again, to get to that type of condition would require a heck of a lot of hard work, natural or not.

Is Mike Rashid On Steroids or Natural?

He Overtrains Constantly

Overtraining is very real in the bodybuilding world, and has been proved by numerous scientists and medical experts.

Despite this, however, Mike, as advised by CT Fletcher, will constantly overtrain and will push his body to absolute breaking point.

He believes that there is no such thing as overtraining, despite the fact that it has been proved to be real by many experts, and therefore his body is constantly under some real stress.

When people overtrain naturally, their bodies break down and they enter a catabolic state where their bodies destroy muscle tissue.

Mike Rashid however, does not have the body of a man who is constantly overtraining.

He has the body of a man who busts his butt in the gym, eats right, and gets plenty of rest.

The fact is that he doesn’t get enough rest, his life is hectic, his training sessions are brutal and he virtually lives in the gym, and he simply is not leaving his body enough time to repair itself.

So then, could the reason why he looks so awesome, despite overtraining, be because he has used anabolic steroids?

He’s Very Strong

As a former powerlifter, Mike Rashid is very strong, but is he freakishly strong?

Well, no, his lifts are attainable naturally, and has been attained by numerous natural athletes in the past, though they are awesome.

He has deadlifted over 600 pounds, plus he has benched close to 500 pounds.

To get an idea of how strong he really is, just check out his YouTube videos with CT Fletcher.

He Hangs With CT Fletcher In The Gym

CT Fletcher is an animal in the gym, and despite being fairly long in the tooth, he still trains with the intensity of a thousand men.

For anybody to hang with CT in the gym is impressive, but Mike, who trains with him regularly, hangs with him no problem at all, to train in that manner you need to have some awesome genetics or some awesome gear in your system.

What Could Mike Rashid be using As Steroids?

So, now that we’ve looked at a few potential signs of steroid use, we’ll now look at what Mike Rashid could be using, that’s if he was indeed using steroids at all:

So, Is Mike Rashid On steroids Or Natural?

So, the votes have been counted, the results are in, and we will now take a look at whether or not we believe that Mike Rashid is on steroids or if he has built his amazing physique naturally.

Remember, we don’t know Mike and we have no idea of whether he is on steroids or not.

What we do know, however, are some of the tell-tale signs of steroid use.

Therefore, in our humble opinions, we believe that Mike Rashid is on steroids, or that he has used steroids in the past.

We may very well be wrong as it is obvious he has superior genetics to most people, but even the best genetics in the world will only get you so far.

So, is Mike Rashid on steroids?

Well, we believe so, but this is certainly not definitive proof.
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