Is Mike O’Hearn on Steroids or Natural?

Unfortunately, steroids and bodybuilding seem to be synonymous with one another.

It seems as if we can’t look at a large, ripped, muscular guy, without saying, or thinking to ourselves ‘steroids’.

While it is indeed true that many bodybuilders out there are using steroids such as Bradley Martyn, Calum Von Moger and Kali Muscle, by their own admission in some cases, to say that every single muscular person on the planet is in gear would be incredibly ignorant.

You can build muscle naturally, without the need for anabolic steroids, though obviously it is much harder, and the results are perhaps not as dramatic.

We know that some people were blessed with amazing genetics, and these people can seemingly build muscle and burn fat by simply looking at a set of dumbbells.

Others, however, are not as fortunate and do not have genetics on their side.

These individuals may therefore be more tempted to use steroids.

One bodybuilder in the public eye that was clearly blessed with godly genetics, is Mike O’Hearn, and it is this ageless bodybuilder that we’ll be focussing on in this article.

As awesome as Mike looks, and as dedicated to training as he is, he still finds himself being accused of using anabolic steroids pretty much every single time he posts on social media.

This then begs the question as to is Mike O’Hearn on steroids or natural?

We don’t know for certain, but we can make our own educated assumptions.

Who Is Mike O’Hearn?

If you aren’t familiar with Mike O’Hearn then allowing us to bring you up to speed.

Mike o’Hearn is a competitive bodybuilder and fitness model from the USA, who has one of the most aesthetic physiques in the entire world.

What’s even more impressive is the fact that he is close to 50 years of age, yet he has a physique that many 30-year-old bodybuilders would be envious of.

Not only has Mike competed as a bodybuilder and fitness model, he has also tried his hand at acting, and has enjoyed marginal success if truth be told.

He’s done better than most bodybuilders in Hollywood (Mr Schwarzenegger notwithstanding of course) put it that way.

Mike’s nickname is ‘The Titan’ and you can understand why.

Mike has won multiple bodybuilding contests in his illustrious career, including being crowned Mr Universe 4 times, and having won Fitness Model of the Year 7 times.

Mike also happens to be a truly exceptional athlete, which is yet another reason why his physique is so awesome, and why he himself seems to have the drive and determination of a true champion, despite his age allegedly being a factor.

Mike has well over a million followers on various social media platforms, and he is certainly an interesting character, to say the least.

Hang on, he looks like that Titan guy from Gladiators?

Oh yes, we didn’t mention did we, Mike also happens to be a former Gladiator, where he appeared on the show as ‘Titan’ in the earlier series, and as ‘Thor’ in the later series.

Mike stands at 6ft 3 and weighs in at well over 250 pounds, and has done for many years now, decades in fact.

When he competed on Gladiators around a decade ago, he proved to be a ferocious Gladiator who had a reputation for being as strong as an Ox and as quick as a Cat.

He would also get into the heads of his competitors and was the master of mind games, which again, helped him defeat his opponents before the contests even began.

What’s more, Mike is the only person to have ever appeared on American Gladiators, and the original Gladiators, which is why he was known by two names.

Is Mike O’Hearn on Steroids or Natural

Hold on, he also looks just like that guy from Battledome?!

For those of you who haven’t blocked its mere existence from your memories, you will also know that for a few years, there was also a show named Battledome out there, which also happened to feature Terry Crews.

The best way to sum up Battledome, would be like a hybrid of Gladiators and WWE wrestling such John Cena And The Rock.

It had the competitive element there, but also the theatrics and soap-opera style drama of pro wrestling.

In fact, the now defunct WCW wresting organization once did a crossover/invasion type angle, which proved to be fairly entertaining.

Anyways, back to Mike.

Mike was one of the Battledome athletes and was known as Michael O’Dell.

Again, because he was so strong, competitive, and athletic, he proved to be a very fierce Battledome warrior.

Why The Hate For Big Mike?

Mike is a very polarizing figure, in that people either love him, or they seem to loathe him.

There’s no middle-ground, and no, ‘yeah, he seems okay, I guess’.

No, people love him or hate him.

If you head online and check out his social media pages, you’ll see what we mean.

Mike is, shall we say, a unique guy.

Some say that he genuinely believes he is a superhero, and although he has the physique to back up this claim, that’s pretty much where the similarities end.

Mike also makes some pretty bizarre posts online, and has been accused of money grabbing.

He has been known to sell duck eggs, yes, real duck eggs, on his website for $699!

He also sells a glorified ab wheel, you know, like the ones you can find at Walmart, for $1500.

Yes, that’s $1500!

This is just absurd, so you can understand why some people are getting pretty annoyed with Mike.

He is also fairly outspoken and has been accused of being a narcist.

Mike also openly claims to be all-natural, and has claimed to be natty on several occasions.

Some fans however, believe this to be untrue and have nicknamed Mike O’Hearn ‘Mike O’Tren’ (very original).

Tren, by the way, is short for Trenbolone, which is a very powerful anabolic steroid and is one which Mike has been accused of taking on more than one occasion.

Is Mike O’Hearn on Steroids or Natural

So, Is Mike O’Hearn On Steroids Or Natural?

So, time to get down to business.

We now know who Mike is, we know he is a jacked specimen, and we know that he is a little odd, or perhaps the word is an alternative.

What we don’t know however, is whether or not he is on steroids of whether he is natural.

Before we go any further, it’s important to mention that we don’t know for certain whether Mike is, or is not on steroids.

Only Mike, and perhaps a select few others, will know this answer for sure.

What we are going to do, however, is look at the evidence for and against steroid use on Mike’s part.

First off, let’s look at some things which could suggest steroid use.

Evidence To Suggest Mike o’Hearn Is On Steroids

First up, here’s a look at some things which may suggest that Mike is taking things other than whey protein and creatine:

His Physique

First and foremost, you have to look at Mike’s physique when trying to figure out whether he is in gear or not.

Mike has a physique that makes many pro bodybuilders now competing in their prime, look average at best.

He stands at 6ft 3 and weighs more than 250 pounds, and what’s more, there is barely an ounce of fat on him.

Mike is big, powerful, lean, and vascular, and what’s more, he has been for years.

To get to this size would be very difficult naturally, so could steroids have helped get him big and jacked?

Is Mike O’Hearn on Steroids or Natural

He Is Always In Shape

If you’ve ever trained to burn fat, maintain muscle, and grow ABS, you’ll know how incredibly tough it is.

To get to that sort of body fat you need to train hard and diet aggressively.

Getting ABS is hard enough, but maintaining them is even tougher.

Most people will shred up, will show off their ABS, will snap their selfies for Instagram and Facebook, and will slowly go back to leading more of a normal life.

Mike however, has never been out of shape in his life.

In fact, we’re pretty sure he was born with a six pack and bulging biceps.

To stay in shape year-round is tough when using steroids.

To do so without steroids would be even harder.

His Age

Mike doesn’t appear to have aged at all over the last two decades, and neither does his physique.

Most men in their thirties are out of shape, never mind their forties and fifties.

Mike is just over a year away from 50 and his physique looks amazing.

The older we get, the harder it is to stay in shape.

Now, Mike is driven, there is no denying that, but is driven and a great work ethic enough to give you a world-class physique, or are certain anabolic substances also involved?

The mystery continues.

His Low Bodyfat

As we said, Mike is in shape year-round, and by in shape, we mean he looks set to jump on stage and compete at any second.

He walks around with a body fat percentage of just 4 – 6% which is ridiculous.

Most people could only ever dream of getting their body fat percentages that low, but with the help of steroids and powerful fat burners, dropping this low in body fat would certainly become a whole lot easier.

Other Gladiators Admitted To Using Drugs

Since Gladiators finished on the TV, numerous former Gladiators have admitted to taking steroids.

Their physiques looked awfully similar to Mike’s, so you do the math.

Not only that, but when you consider these guys were training together, and hanging out together, well, surely the topic of steroids would have cropped up on more than one occasion?

To be fair, however, that is like saying that, because a few of the guys at your gym are on steroids, you too are likely using them.

Evidence That Mike O’Hearn Is natural

Now let’s look at some evidence to suggest that Mike may not be using steroids:

He Used To Be Drug-tested

In the early days of competing, Mike would compete in shows that were natural, and that enforced random drug testing at any time.

He was never banned, so perhaps he was indeed natural.

He Is Never Bloated

Most steroid users will bloat up and become all puffy and bloated during the off-season, when they bulk up and try to gain as much size as possible.

Mike however, is ALWAYS in shape, and is always ripped to shreds.

This could point to the fact that he may not be on steroids after all.

He Is Genetically Gifted

Mike is a very good-looking guy, he is a classic mesomorph that builds muscle easily, and burns fat even easier.

He is also very gifted in the athletics department such as Simeon Panda and Steve Cook.

Mike began bodybuilding when he was a teen, and won his first contest aged just 14.

The Verdict

So, is Mike O’Hearn on steroids or natural?

It’s a tricky one, but gun to our head, we’d have to say that he IS on steroids.

However, we’re not convinced, not by any stretch of the imagination as there is a lot of evidence which points the other way.

Remember, this is purely subjective as none of us know for sure, we are simply putting pieces of the puzzle together as we go.

If Mike is on steroids, he certainly isn’t on anything too hardcore, or too high of a dosage, and he clearly has genetics on his side.


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