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Interview With The Fitness Model Michele Levesque

Name: Michele levesque-Presciano
Age: 35
Height: 5 foot 4
Weight: 115
where are you from?
I am from Montreal, Quebec. but moved in sunny Miami florida 5 years ago .
Model Michele Levesque

How Did You Start Health And Fitness ?

my journey in the health and fitness industry is an interesting one. I was a track and field runner, battle mild anorexia and knee injuries. My dream was to be an Olympic athlete. But my knee pain was so bad that i had to make a decision and give up on my dream.
After my surgery, i started rehab and fell in love with the weight room.Next thing you know, i was reading my first Oxygen and Fitness RX for woman, wishing to be on the cover , wishing to look like them. I was at the gym 2 x a day; a girl approached me and asked me if i “competed”.
Figure competitions where not very popular here in Quebec. very underground- isn, kinda like how MMA started. for me, there was no way i could get on stage or even look the part. But i did. i trained for my first figure show in 2005. Took the overall and it all started from there.
I did many shows, where i took the overall. Then i competed in miss figure universe and America and took home the trophy and the title. Apparently i had a very marketable look, so i started focusing on fitness modeling and from there, all my wishes came through;) i did tons of magazine cover and got tons of exposure. I left the competition scene 3 years ago.
First off, i had an ACL tear ( yes another knee injury !), and a life threatening blood clot. I had to stop working out for 1 year. and to be honest, i just don’t like the direction that the competition scene has took; very unfair and a lot of injustice. I prefer not to be part of that. But , i learned to do other things then just lifting weights. I learned to love my body even if i am not at hard 7% body fat. Fitness will always be there, but for me, it now has another purpose.
Model Michele Levesque

Can You Tell Us About Your Workout Routine?

My workout routine now consist of a mix of cardio and weight training, Some days, i’ll go run 5 miles, some other days, i’ll do weight training 2 x a day. i’m a little inconsistent , i do what i feel like doing. but, i do workout every single day.
I always try to push myself and not letting myself get lazy in the gym.
I have the Olympia coming in september. I will be attending with TEAM GAT. SO i really have to step up my game; here is what my workout routine is going to look like for the next 7 weeks:


AM legs.
PM: pliometrics + sprints


shoulders+ HIIT cardio
PM: bicep-tricep


Back+ HIIT cardio
PM: 5 mile run


am: Legs
pm: pliometrics +sprints


shoulders + HIIT cardio
pm: bicep-tricep


pm: 5 mile run


Rest Day
Model Michele Levesque

Can You Tell Us About Your Full Diet Routine?

Meal 1: before workout
GAT Supertein Protein powder peanut butter
1 tablespoon PB2 ( powder peanut butter)
Meal 2: after workout
4 egg whites + 1 yolk
1/2 cup oatmeal
Meal 3:
4 ounces of homemade turkey burger
1 1/2 cup of home made kale salad
olive oil, lemon juice, balsamic, roasted pecans
Meal 4:
4 ounces chicken breast
1 cup of brussel sprouts, peppers, broccoli, onions, portobello mushrooms baked in oven
Meal 5:
4 ounces of extra lean ground beef or filet mignon or chicken
1/2 cup of quinoa or rice or sweet potato
Meal 6:
Supertein protein shake
Model Michele Levesque

Can You Tell Us About Your Supplementation?

Well because i am part of TEAM GAT, I use there supplements. They have a great line of supplements, very high quality and they work very well.
My favorite is MUSCLE MARTINI: i use it mostly after cardio. I scoop will give you the bcaa and amino acids you need to replenish. The taste is “out of this world.” it’s the best tasting amino acid blend i’ve ever had. there is no stimulant either and it’s sweetened with beet powder.
Supertein is Gat’s protein powder that is gluten free. if you look at my diet, i use it before my workout and before bed. It helps with my sweet tooth.
Before Cardio i will use Jet fuel Superburn. it’s GAT’s fat burner. It’s amazing. No jitters. doesn’t make me feel sick but makes me sweat like crazy. it’s a thermogenic so it will raise your body temperature to make you sweat more and burn more calories. it’s also an appetite suppressant, so reduces the cravings, in my case.
In the morning before my workout i use jet fuel accelerator and or jet fuel PYRO. I try to minimize my caffeine intake and i love to sip on coffee in the morning. Jet fuel accelerator has no caffeine . it’s stimulant free but still has all the benefit of a fat burner.
there some ingredient that helps promote fat loss, suppress appetite has well. or if i do need an extra kick, i’ll go with jet fuel PYRO. with only 30 mg of caffeine, it gives you that kick in the butt you need ( besides your coffee) same fat loss and appetite suppressant effect. what i do love about this one tho, it’s a “mood enhancer”. Really good, especially when you are dieting and you are in a bad mood. it puts you on a natural high. it’s amazing 🙂
If i wanna be hardcore before the gym; i’ll use Nitraflex. it’s GAT’s pre-workout. It’s also a testosterone booster; makes me feel very tight, vascular, super pumped after a workout. So when i’m approaching a photoshoot or fitness expo, i’ll use it a couple of times a week, 4 weeks prior an event. it changes my whole physique.
and finally AQX is also a great great product that i use quite often. it’s a diuretic, helps remove any excess water weight. it’s great before a shoot, a fitness event, competition or even a night out.
Model Michele Levesque

What inspires you?

You know the show extreme weight loss with Chris Powell ? It’s the type of thing that inspires me. I can’t be lazy or complain when i see how much weight they carry both physically and emotionally.
Alleluia to every single one of them for sticking to the plan and be mentally strong enough to achieve their goal. Also, anything that has to do with physical disability and sports; i admire that like you have no idea. Theses people act like there is no physical limitation , even tho they are very limited.
There is no other options, they make it work. I find myself complaining about little things, about the way i look, the way i feel…. When i see this, i just wanna shut my mouth and accept who i am.
“You are braver then you believe, Stronger then you seen and smarter then you think”
Model Michele Levesque
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