Does Lazar Angelov Take steroids Or Is He Natural?

When people hear the word ‘steroids’ they automatically think of bodybuilding, and often, vice versa.

Despite this, however, steroids are used far more commonly than a lot of people realize, and you may even find yourself being prescribed steroids by your doctor, the next time you’re not well.

There are countless negative connotations associated with steroids, and in some cases rightfully so.

There is just something about steroids and bodybuilding that the general public struggles to understand and get their heads around, which is why many bodybuilders who are quite obviously using anabolic steroids and hormones, often keep quiet and claim to be all-natural.

Some bodybuilders like Kris Gethin, I.E those competing in the IFBB at close to 300 pounds in weight, despite standing at less than 5ft 10, are obviously using steroids because they look freakishly big and are often in insane condition.

For example, Calum Von Moger, Bradley Martyn, Steve CookJeff Seid and Mike O’hearn.

With others, however, deciding whether or not they’re using steroids is a lot tougher.

Take Lazar Angelov for example.

For those of you familiar with bodybuilding and health and fitness online, Lazar will be a name, a face, and more importantly, a physique, that is instantly recognisable.

Due to his amazing physique, a lot of people have found themselves questioning whether Lazar Angelov takes steroids or if he is natural.

Well, we don’t know for certain, but can look at the evidence, so, without any further hesitation, here’s a look at whether Lazar Angelov does take steroids, or if he is natural.

Who Is Lazar Angelov?

As mentioned, if you’re active online in regards to bodybuilding, social media, and health and fitness, you will probably know Lazar Angelov.

If you don’t, chances are you will have seen his face, and his amazing physique, online on more than one occasion without even realising.

Lazar Angelov hails from Bulgaria, he is 33 years of age, and he is a bodybuilder, fitness model, and online personal trainer with arguably one of the most aesthetic and powerful-looking physiques in the entire world.

Renowned for his chiselled 8 pack ABS and his freaky conditioning maintained all year long, Lazar Angelov has a physique that most people, and that includes many bodybuilders and physique competitors, could only ever dream of attaining.

If you don’t recognize his physique, you probably recognize his incredibly pristine beard and his moody demeanor.

Lazar is very clearly in the public eye worldwide, as currently he has around 13 million followers/likes etc on Facebook, which is an incredibly impressive feat for somebody who basically worked their butt off from a young age to get to where they need to be.

Lazar, as well as having an incredibly cool name, also has some impressive stats.

He stands at 6ft tall, and weighs in at around 210 pounds.

What’s more, he consistently has body fat percentages in the single digits, often dropping as low as 4% or below, during the summer or when he is in prep mode for a photoshoot etc.

Does Lazar Angelov Take steroids Or Is He Natural?

Why Do People Accuse Lazar Angelov Of Using Steroids?

Often in life, you will always encounter ‘haters’ and generally negative people who insist on bringing others down.

Out of Lazar’s 13 million plus followers online, it does appear as if many of them are comprised of negativity, as they often spam his posts with accusations of steroid use, as well as insults about his work ethic and so on.

This actually begs the question as to why people would follow somebody online that they don’t like, only to post negative accusations?

Anyways, we digress, so let’s get back on topic.

People often ask, does Lazar Angelov take steroids or is he natural, and honestly, we don’t know for sure.

What we do know, however, is why people accuse him of using steroids.

The reason why Lazar is often accused of taking steroids, is because he looks so freaking good.

Like honestly, he has a body that looks like it has been chiselled out of granite.

If you were to describe a god-tier body, Lazar’s is exactly how you would describe a body as he has virtually no flaws or imperfections at all.

Lazar is big, muscular, and insanely conditioned, and as you know, getting in shape is hard enough, but staying in shape is a whole other matter entirely, yet Lazar consistently manages to do exactly that, with no trouble whatsoever, or so it seems.

Is Lazar Angelov Using Steroids Or Is He Natural?

So, we’ll now take a look at whether we believe Lazar is using steroids or if he is natural, as we look at Lazar’s physique, and some of the tell-tale signs of steroid usage, either past or present.

Remember, we don’t know if Lazar is natty or using, and to be honest, we never will unless he tells us outright.

So, with that said, here’s a look at the evidence as to whether or not he is using, or if he is natural.

His Progress

Lazar is now in his early thirties, yet he claims that he has been lifting weights since he was an early teenager.

That means that he has more than 15 years of weight lifting experience under his belt, so surely he could make some pretty awesome gains in that time frame, right?

Well, actually, if you saw Lazar just ten years ago when he was in his early twenties, you’ll see that, though he looked good, he looked pretty average.

It was obvious he ate right and worked out regularly, but he certainly didn’t look anything special.

In fact, for the next several years he looked the same, until, in the space of one year, he literally transformed his body.

All of a sudden, he went from being in good shape to being in insane shape.

He added pounds of lean muscle, he filled out, he dropped body fat, he had incredible muscle bellies, he was vascular, and his physique look perfectly symmetrical.

It could be that he simply decided to clean up his diet and train harder, but many people believe that because his body looked so incredibly different before and after, that he must have been running some kind of cycle, even something fairly mild by today’s standards.

Erm, hello. Have you seen him?

Lazar has the type of physique that, when he poses for the front cover of various fitness magazines, they would actually have to photoshop him to make him look less aesthetic.

Okay, that’s a slight exaggeration but, Lazar’s body looks as if it has been photoshopped already, even when he relaxes and has no pump.

He sits at 5% body fat consistently, he is vascular, he has an 8 pack, and he is incredibly muscular and aesthetic-looking.

This again, leads many people to believe that he is on something, or that he has taken something in the past to give him a slight edge.

His Recent Return To Form

If you follow Lazar on social media, you’ll see that about a year or so ago, he suffered a debilitating injury that required surgery, and left him unable to train for several months.

Lazar stated that he became depressed as working out was a lifeline for him, but he swore to be back and better than ever.

After the injury and surgery, he posted various progress pics, and again, by most people’s standards he would have looked great.

If you compared his recovery physique to how he looked before the injury, however, you could see how amazing he looked beforehand.

Many people wrote Lazar off and believed he wouldn’t be able to get back into the same freaky shape as before, but he did, in fairly quick time.

We all know about muscle memory, but Lazar went for somebody who looked average, to somebody who once again looked immense, in a matter of months.

Could it be muscle memory, or did he perhaps get a little chemical assistance from certain anabolic substances?

He Is In Shape Year-round

Most bodybuilders will spend half of the year ripped, and the other half of the year bulking up.

During a bulk, even when staying lean, a lot of bodybuilders will say goodbye to their ABS and veins for the next few months, and will instead focus on eating and adding muscle size and mass of their frames.

Lazar however, is in shape all-year long.

Like, seriously, he is in the kind of shape where Weider could call him and ask him to compete in the men’s physique Olympia with ten days-notice, and he would turn up and scoop first place with barely any effort at all.

To maintain a single digit body fat percentages, while adding lean muscle mass to your frame and getting bigger and better with every passing month, is not easy.

Maybe Lazar is blessed with astonishing genes?

Perhaps he has used steroids to help maintain his physique, or maybe it’s a combination of both.

Arguments For Lazar Being Natty

Now that we’ve looked at some evidence to suggest he could be using steroids, we’ll now look at a few arguments against him using steroids.

A lot of people claim that Lazar is natural, so take a look at the following and see what you think:

He claimed to be natural

Often bodybuilders will avoid talking about steroids like the plague, and when asked if they are using steroids, or if they ever have, they’ll often laugh nervously, deny it, and then swiftly change the topic of conversation.

If you head over to Lazar’s website, however, you’ll notice a section where he states that he achieved his physique naturally, and that he never will use steroids.

Now, of course, anybody could lie, and it would make sense for a bodybuilder to deny using steroids if they were asked, but Lazar has not been asked yet he is still drawing attention to the fact that the question is out there.

You have to wonder why a bodybuilder would do this, as he could simply have ignored the accusations completely, like 90% of the other bodybuilders out there.

Does Lazar Angelov Take steroids Or Is He Natural?

He’s Big, But Not Stupid Big

Okay, if you look at Lazar, you’ll see he is big, but not as big as you may think.

A lot of people that have met him at expos, etc, have commented on the fact that, in person, he looks smaller than he does in pictures.

This is because, due to his insane definition, he automatically looks bigger than he actually is.

Lazar is still bigger than some pros of the Golden Era of bodybuilding, including former Mr Olympia winner Frank Zane, but if you compare him to IFBB pros like Kai Green, Phil Heath, or Big Ramy, he would look almost childlike in size, as he is giving up close to 100 pounds in weight to them.

There Are No Obvious Signs Of Steroid Use

Other than looking great, there is no evidence that Lazar has ever used steroids, as he has no gyno, no acne, no hair loss, no flushed skin, no excessive hair growth, and no abnormally large muscle groups or abused look like Kali Muscle.

So, Does Lazar Angelov Take Steroids Or Is He Natural?

Now it’s time for us to make a decision.

This is a tough one, because as you can see, there are arguments for and against steroid use.

In our opinion, however, and remember, this is only an opinion, Lazar Angelov does use steroids.

You see, even though he isn’t freakishly big, or suffering from obvious aromatizing side effects, Lazar still has an incredible physique that must be very tough to maintain.

We, therefore, believe him to be using mild steroids and hormones such as: testosterone, HGH, Turinabol, Primobolan, Trenbolone, Clenbuterol, Anavar and Winstrol.

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