Does Kris Gethin Take Steroids or is He Natural?

If you really want to stir up a Hornet’s nest, simply take a group of bodybuilders and fitness fanatics, sit them down at a table, ask them whether they think Kris Gethin is natural or taking steroids, and sit back and watch them go crazy.

Yes, Kris Gethin is quite the polarizing figure in the bodybuilding world, as there are many people out there who believe him to be natural, whereas others believe him to be using steroids.

Whether natural or not, one thing we can all agree on, is that fact that Kris Gethin has a truly amazing physique that most men can only ever dream of attaining.

In the bodybuilding world, steroid usage is rampant, and there is no escaping that fact.

Statistically, more young men are using steroids now than ever before, all with the intention of building as much muscle mass as they possibly can.

Perhaps more worrying still, is the fact that of these young men, the vast majority of them admits to abusing steroids and taking them, despite the fact that they don’t actually know how they work or what they do.

We’re not here to talk about the pros and cons of steroid use.

If we were, we’d be here all day long and we’d barely scratch the surface.

Instead, what we’ll be doing today, is attempting to answer the question of does Kris Gethin take steroids or is he natural.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

A Quick Disclaimer

Before we dive into the good stuff and start looking at steroids, Kris Gethin, bodybuilding, and anything else we deem relevant, it’s important we get the legal mumbo jumbo out of the way first.

We are in no way affiliated with Kris Gethin, we have no access to his personal or medical records, and we have no proof of whether he is, or is not, using steroids.

Instead, what we’ll be doing in this article, is looking at evidence for, and against, steroid use on Kris’ part, and drawing our own conclusions.

The end verdict will be purely based on our own conclusions and should by no means be construed as factual evidence in any way, shape, or form.

Now that that’s out of the way, we can now get to know Kris and learn more about why people believe he may potentially be using steroids.

Who Is Kris Gethin?

Kris Gethin is a very, very well-known figure in the bodybuilding and fitness community, with one of the most impressive physiques you could ever imagine.

Kris Gethin originates from Great Britain, from the lovely little country known as Wales.

Kris is the CEO of his own supplement line – Kaged Supplements, plus he is also a prominent fitness writer, penning a series of articles for the hugely popular website.

As you can see, for a bodybuilder with a passion for health and fitness, those are quite the achievements, but they don’t stop there.

On top of that, Kris is also a personal trainer for a series of Hollywood celebrities, and he has one of the most prominent online followings on the planet.

One of the main reasons why Kris has been able to gain so many followers online, on various social media platforms, is because of the fact that he regularly posts epic transformations of himself, where he will go from bulky and chubby, to lean and ripped, in a series of weeks.

If you imagine an off-season bodybuilder going through a hard bulk, dieting down to being stage ready in a matter of weeks, that’s pretty much what Kris often does.

Whatever your opinions on Kris may be, you can’t deny the fact that his transformations are extremely impressive.

Kris has trained with some of the best bodybuilders to ever grace our planet, including the king of the Mass Monsters, Dorian Yates himself.

If you follow Kris online, one thing you’ll instantly be aware of, is the fact that he is adamant that, not only is he a natural bodybuilder, but that he is a lifetime natural bodybuilder.

This is quite the statement to make as it implies that, not only is he not on gear now, but that he has never used steroids in his life.

When looking at his body, people are sceptical, and you can’t really blame them as he has a physique that many IFBB pro bodybuilders would be jealous of.

Does Kris Gethin Take Steroids or is He Natural

Does Kris Gethin Take Steroids Or Is He Natural?

Now that we’ve learnt a little more about Kris Gethin the bodybuilder, let us now look at some evidence that COULD suggest that Kris is using something other than whey protein and creatine in order to become big and jacked:

His stats

First and foremost, we’ll begin by looking at Kris’ stats as these are often a good indicator of whether an individual is natural or using steroids.

Kris Gethin stands at 5 feet 8 inches tall, and when he steps on stage, he competes at around 190 lbs.

In the off-season, however, he reaches 225 lbs, and sometimes a little more.

For somebody at 5,8, these stats could indeed indicate steroid use as getting that size naturally, at that height, would require a hell of a lot of work, not to mention a hell of a lot of food as well.

Many experts agree that, although not impossible, getting that big naturally would not be easy and would be very unlikely if a person were to go the natural route.

So, as you can see, this could be the first piece of evidence suggesting that Kris Gethin is indeed using steroids.

Does Kris Gethin Take Steroids or is He Natural

His Physique

It’s all well and good talking about how tall somebody is, and how much they weigh, but without actually seeing them in person, you can’t truly get an idea of how much muscle they are carrying.

Well, take it from us, when Kris is dieting down and shredding up, he looks insane!

He is vascular, he is lean and often gets down into low single digit body fat percentages, plus he carries a great deal of muscle on his frame.

When most people diet down, they lose a little muscle and size, yet Kris seems to gain it.

He has a big, muscular, and powerful physique, and when stood next to many IFBB pros, he does appear to make them look, shall we say, average at best.


Although genetics can play a huge part in a person’s abdominal development, if you want a clue as to whether a person is using steroids, often you simply need to check out their ABS.

When you see Kris with ABS, which is 90% of the time, you’ll see that his ABS are big, blocky, and almost washed out a little.

They look as if they have been manipulated and stretched badly on photoshop.

Often you don’t notice this alone, but if you put a steroid user next to a natural bodybuilder, and have them both pose with their shirts off, you’ll see that the natural’s abs are often smaller and less blocky.

One reason why Kris’ abs may look washed out is because he COULD be using certain steroids that would cause bloating and water-retention.

His Epic Transformations

Kris Gethin gained a great of followers and fans online such as many models like Bradley Martyn and Sergi Constance, when he posted the first of his many epic transformations.

In his before picture, Kris was bloated, he had very little vascularity or definition, he was out of shape, and he looked like a bodybuilder deep into the off-season, who had taken dirty bulking to a whole new level.

Many people were shocked at just how out of shape Kris looked, and were convinced he was done.

In just 12 weeks however, Kris went from bloated and out of shape, to shredded and vascular.

His body fat percentage looked to be around 8%, he was ripped, was in great condition, and people were amazed at what he achieved.

Now, one thing that a lot of people don’t realize, is that bodybuilders will often make themselves look far worse in their ‘before’ pictures, than they actually are, for example Calum Von Moger, Ulisses Jr, Simeon Panda and Jeff Seid.

They will often eat a high carb meal, drink heaps of water, push their stomach out, not shave for a few days, slouch back, and choose unflattering light to make them look pale, bloated, and out of shape.

If they were to stand up straight, tense their muscles, choose better lighting, and not pose directly after eating, they would actually look far better.

Making themselves look out of shape makes the ‘after’ picture look even more impressive.

With that said, you can see the improvements Kris made were extremely impressive, but did he do it naturally, or were fat-burning steroids like Winstrol also used?

Well, let’s keep looking at the evidence.

Does Kris Gethin Take Steroids or is He Natural

He Often Looks Bloated

We all know that eating carbs and consuming salt can cause you to bloat and retain water, but this bloating quickly goes away in natural people.

Some bodybuilders however, often look very bloated and washed out, even if they haven’t eaten a carb or consumed salt in days.

So why is that?

Well, the reason is that many steroids, including Trenbolone, can lead to water-retention, which obviously makes you look and feel bloated.

On top of that, a lot of steroid users will also use hormones, including HGH, which, when injected in high dosages, and cause what is known as a ‘growth gut’.

HGH guts are rampant amongst pro bodybuilders, and they basically make a bodybuilder look bloated and as if he is pregnant.

But why?

Well, HGH, or Human Growth Hormone, causes your organs to swell and expand.

As many major organs are located around the midsection, as these organs swell and expand, they push on the stomach, causing it to distend and making the user look as if they are pregnant.

It’s pretty gross, but what does this have to do with Kris?

Well, if you see Kris, unless he is posing for a photoshoot or competing, when he is shirtless, even though he has ABS and veins on the show, he often looks very bloated and washed out.

This COULD be because he is using steroids that cause water-retention, along with HGH for extra gains.

He Has Trained With Dorian Yates

Kris Gethin has trained with some of the best bodybuilders in the world, including Dorian Yates.

In fact, the two are pretty close friends.

If you know Dorian, you will know that many bodybuilding fans consider him to be the reason why IFBB pros now compete on stage at around 300 pounds in weight, despite being less than 6 feet tall in height.

Dorian was the king of the Mass Monsters and was renowned for stepping on stage freakishly big, often dwarfing many of his competitors.

By his own admission, Dorian used steroids to achieve his astonishing physique, and as Kris has trained with him, and is so close to him, you know that the temptation to use steroids would always be there.

However, just because Kris trained with Dorian, that doesn’t mean that Kris did what Dorian did.

Just because your buddy is interested in arts and crafts for example, that doesn’t mean that you have to take up an arts and crafts evening class.

Which Steroids Could Kris have used?

If Kris did indeed use steroids, judging by his physique, the most obvious compounds would be testosterone, Trenbolone, and Dianabol.

He also would likely have used HGH, which, as you know, isn’t actually a steroid at all.

So, does Kris Gethin Take Steroids Or Is He Natural?

So, the moment of truth is here.

Although we have no idea whether Kris is actually natural or if he is using gear, based on his physique, and the evidence we’ve listed above, we believe that Kris Gethin is not natural and that he has used steroids in the past, to help him attain his amazing physique.


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