Is John Cena On Steroids Or Natural?

As you’re probably aware, professional wrestling is kind of a big deal nowadays.

By kind of a big deal, we mean its vastly popular, as it is watched by hundreds of millions of people worldwide every single week.

When we talk about pro wrestling, there is only one name that is synonymous with wrestling and that is World Wrestling Entertainment, or WWE for short.

Formerly WWF, until they lost a lawsuit to the now WWF (World Wildlife Fund) the WWE is renowned for its larger than life characters and outrageous superstars that little kids worldwide, look up to every single week.

In the glory days of wrestling back in the 80’s, we had names like Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, The Ultimate Warrior, the Iron Sheik, and so on.

Then came the attitude era in the late nineties and the early noughties.

This era is considered by many, to be the wonder years of wrestling – a once in a lifetime occurrence that will never come around again.

Whether you enjoyed wrestling in the 80’s, 90’s, or the early 2000’s, one thing you will remember is the fact that a skinny superstar was an incredibly rare sight.

Back then, pro wrestlers that weighed 240 pounds were considered small, so that goes to show how big these characters were.

One superstar, however, still competing to this day, albeit in a much lighter role than a few years back, is John Cena.

Because of his amazing physique, people often wonder ‘is John Cena on steroids or natural’?

Well, let’s take a look, shall we?

Who Is John Cena?

To wrestling fans, even those of you who are a lot more casual nowadays than when guys like The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and The Undertaker were competing regularly, John Cena is a wrestler that needs no introduction.

If you’re not sure who John Cena is, or if you simply wish to learn more about him, you’ve come to the right place.

John Cena hails from West Newbury, Massachusetts, and is currently 40 years of age.

He is a larger than life personality and is a multiple time world heavyweight champion in the WWE.

In fact, he is currently tied with Ric Flair, for the most title reigns in WWE history, with an incredibly impressive; 16 reigns under his belt.

In fact, John Cena has held 25 titles in the WWE, with a hugely impressive career that has spanned more than a decade.

Cena made his main roster debut on Smackdown, where he competed against Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle.

Though he lost in his debut, he instantly made an impression with his ‘Ruthless Aggression’ speech and his incredible physique.

You see, back in 2002, you had guys like Triple H, The Rock, Brock Lesnar, and Bill Goldberg, to name but a few, all competing regularly.

All of whom also happened to have great physiques yet here came John Cena, a relative newcomer, who stood at 6ft 2 inches tall, and weighed in at 250 plus pounds of solid muscle, with barely any body fat on his physique.

He has kept himself in very similar shape since his main roster debut, and much further back than that in fact, which has led people to believe that Cena could be using steroids.

John Cena’s WWE Career

This year, John Cena has taken a step back from the WWE to pursue other interests and to help other superstars get over.

He still competes on a part-time basis, but many believe he only has a couple of ring years left in him, before he retires or perhaps transitions into a backscene role instead.

Up until the last year or so, however, John Cena has been the name and the face of the WWE, and although the WWE seemed desperate to fill his shoes, so far, there hasn’t been anybody to really step up, and yes, that includes Roman Reigns, despite how desperately he has been forced down the fan’s throats for the last three consecutive years.

After debuting in 2002, Cena adopted a rap gimmick that instantly got him over with the fans.

Despite playing the bad guy, or the ‘heel’ in wrestling terms, Cena was consistently cheered and the WWE gave him a push and elevated him up the rankings.

As the years went by Cena became a Babyface, or a good guy, and won numerous titles, including the US championship, and the world heavyweight title in the main event of Wrestlemania.

Without guys like The Rock, and Stone Cold, the WWE needed a new face of the company, and Cena fit that mould perfectly.

Eventually the fans grew tired of having Cena defeat everybody put in his path and they hoped and prayed for another bad guy heel turn to freshen up his character, yet this never happened.

The fans turned on Cena and he became a polarizing figure that was loved by little kids and women, yet he was despised by hardcore wrestling fans and males in the crowd.

His most talked about feud in recent years, came in 2011 – 2013, where he feuded against the returning Rock, who had been away from the company for close to ten years.

Superstars came and went, yet Cena remained consistent, and that included his physique.

Is John Cena On Steroids Or Natural?

John Cena’s Size And Strength

John Cena is a physical specimen, there is no denying that.

He stands at 6ft 1 ½ and weighs in at around 250 pounds.

He carries a huge amount of muscle around in his frame, and he consistently stays in shape and maintains a ripped and vascular physique complete with washboard ABS.

Cena has been sponsored by multiple supplement companies over the years, he had appeared on magazine covers such as Flex, Muscle and Fitness, and Men’s Health, and other than a couple of brief periods after undergoing surgery for various injuries, his physique has remained consistently impressive.

John Cena is a genetic freak and is an absolute animal in the gym.

Even now, at 40 years of age, he trains like a beast and is arguably stronger than some of the best powerlifters on the planet.

Cena can squat well over 700 pounds, he has benched over 500 pounds, and he can deadlift close to 700 pounds.

In the WWE ring he throws 200/300 pound men around like they’re nothing and in fact, he is only one of a select few WWE superstars, to lift the 7ft 450 pound Big Show (he weighs less now) onto his shoulders.

In fact, for a brief few seconds whilst competing, he had the 400+ pound Big Show on his shoulders, along with a 240 pound Edge, at the same time!

Cena is a big fan of bodybuilding, and trains like a bodybuilder yet he also includes a lot of compound lifts as part of his routine, which is how he maintains his size and strength, but is John Cena on steroids or natural?

John Cena Steroids Accusations

Back in 2007, the WWE, and the world, was rocked by the Chris Benoit tragedy.

Chris, a WWE superstar at the time, seemingly snapped for no reason one day and sadly murdered his wife and son, before taking his own life in his home gym.

Though the reason for him snapping was believed to be down to head trauma due to various concussions suffered during his career, anabolic steroids were found in Benoit’s system, and in his home, and the media being the media, decided to focus on this.

They blamed steroids, citing ‘roid rage’ for Benoit’s sickening act.

The WWE, who were a publicly trading company with countless sponsors and networks to appease, were taking fire from all sides, and were forced to implement their ‘Wellness Policy’ which was basically their way of drug testing their superstars.

During a media interview when asked about steroids in wrestling, Cena said something along the lines of ‘I can’t tell you that I haven’t, but you will never be able to prove that I have’.

Many saw this as an admission of steroid usage, and since then, the accusations have come thick and fast.

Does John Cena Use Steroids Or Is He Natural?

So, with that said, it’s now time to look at whether or not John Cena has used steroids before, or if he is natural.

Remember, we have no way of knowing for certain, so these are merely our opinions and nothing more.

Here’s a look at a few pieces of evidence both for and against steroid use, either past or present.

He has claimed to be natural

Before the WWEs drug testing Wellness Policy came into effect, Cena, whilst doing media, was asked outright if he had ever used steroids.

Cena emphatically replied ‘Absolutely not.

I’ve been natural since day one, I competed as a natural bodybuilder Like Mike O’hearnJeff Seid and Steve Cook, I was simply blessed with good bones and a strong physique.

I’ll pee in any cup.

This interview can be found online, and he certainly does sound genuine when giving his reply.

The Benoit comments

Though a lot of people saw this as an admission of steroid use, most people believe this was simply Cena making a point about how tough it is to know what goes on behind closed doors, and how difficult it is for the WWE to monitor their talents.

His Strength

This piece of evidence could potentially suggest the steroid use, though it is obvious that, with or without roids, Cena is still a genetic freak.

Cena is incredibly strong and is one of the strongest WWE superstars of all time.

With a big 3 max of not too far away from 2000 pounds, Cena is a very elite athlete.

Does his strength stem, at least partly, from steroids?

Well, let’s keep digging.

Is John Cena On Steroids Or Natural?

His Recovery Rates From Injury

John Cena has sustained numerous injuries in the ring and in the gym during his 15-year career in the WWE.

Many of these injuries have had to be taken care of with surgery, which would ordinarily keep athletes out for at least one year, sometimes forever.

From his most notable injuries, however, Cena returned to action several months ahead of schedule, and what’s more, his physique and his strength remained virtually unchanged from before he was injured.

Could steroids and/or HGH have helped speed up his recovery?

His jaw and hands

John Cena’s hands are like shovels and his jaw is incredibly blocky like Calum Von Moger and Kali Muscle.

Generally, these are tell-tale signs of HGH use.

HGH is not a steroid, but it is often stacked with anabolic steroids, so it could point to potential steroid use.

The Wellness Policy

The WWE’s wellness policy is legit.

In the 90s, you had many mid-card talents competing on the roster who had physiques that pro bodybuilders would be envious of.

Not longer after the Wellness Policy came into effect, superstars became softer, and smaller, and all of a sudden, instead of 265 pound men being the norm, instead you had superstars not much more than 210 pounds, competing week in and week out.

Cena however, did not shrink down, nor change, he continued to look awesome.

The WWE takes this policy seriously and tests all of their top athletes.

What’s more, if a superstar fails a drug test, they are named by the WWE and are suspended, or fired for repeat violations.

John Cena has never been suspended, so, assuming there is no funny business going on behind the scenes, this helps fight Cena’s case for being natural.

The Verdict

So, is John Cena natty or not?

Well, after a lot of deliberation, we feel Cena COULD have used steroids in the past.

You see, there are some signs of potential use, but at the same time, there are a lot of factors that indicate that Cena is one of very few people, who have been blessed with incredibly impressive genetics.

We wouldn’t be surprised if Cena had used TurinabolTestosterone, HGH, Trenbolone, Anavar and perhaps Dianabol in the past, but in reality we simply are not sure.


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