Is Jeremy Buendia Natural Or On Steroids?

To build a muscular, lean, and aesthetic physique is incredibly tough in any environment, but to achieve an award-winning physique, well, that takes things to a whole other level entirely.

Bodybuilders are constantly striving to be the absolute best at what they do, which is why they compete in the first place.

When they step on stage, they don’t do so just to be average, or ‘okay’ to do so because they want to be the best in their class, and eventually, the entire world.

Now, when it comes to competitive bodybuilding, one thing we can’t get away from, is the fact that steroid abuse is rampant in this particular sport.

In fact, as far as bodybuilding goes, a lot of people are under the impression that all bodybuilders out there are using, or have used, steroids in some form or another.

Obviously, we know this to be untrue, but the media would have you believe otherwise, as would many members of the general public.

If you really want to question whether or not steroids are required to build an aesthetic physique, just take a look at Jeremey Buendia.

People often ask is Jeremey Buendia natural or on steroids, so to help clear things up once and for all, we will attempt to answer this question.

Remember, we don’t know for certain, but we can look at the evidence for and against steroid use, and draw our own conclusions as a result.

So, is Jeremy Buendia natural or on steroids?

Let’s take a look:

A Quick Disclaimer

As we’re not fond of lawsuits, or threats of lawsuits, we thought it apt to include this brief legal disclaimer in our article.

What you are about to read is based purely on guesswork, and by no means should it be construed as facts true to life.

We don’t know Jeremy personally, we have no idea of what he does in his free time or if he does indeed use anabolic steroids.

We have no access to his medical records or history, so we don’t know for certain whether he is or is not on steroids at all.

What you are about to read is based purely on guesswork on our part.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s learn more about Jeremey himself.

Is Jeremy Buendia Natural Or On Steroids?

Who Is Jeremy Buendia?

Jeremy Buendia is one of the most prominent figures in the fitness community, and he has a body that most men can only dream of achieving.

He has won multiple titles and contests, including NPC physique championships, and several Mr Olympia physique championships in the process.

He is one of the most dominant men’s physique competitors to ever grace the stage, and when you consider the fact that he has Hany ‘The Pro Creator’ Rambod as his trainer, you can understand why that is.

Hany, by the way, has coached some of the greatest bodybuilders to ever walk this green earth, including current Mr Olympia Phil Heath.

Jeremey is ripped to shreds, he has one of the smallest waists in the entire world, he has symmetry, great lines, and aesthetics all on his side, plus he’s not the worst-looking bodybuilder in history.

Yes, Jeremey is considered to be one of the reigning kings of aesthetics, and when you see his amazing physique for yourself, you’ll understand why that is.

However, with a physique as great as his is, people will often wonder whether Jeremy is natural or on steroids.

We ourselves wonder this too, which is why we will shortly be looking at evidence both for, and against, steroid use on Jeremey’s part, in a bid to determine whether he is actually natural or is he is on steroids.

Jeremy’s Stats

Before we look at whether we believe Jeremey Buendia to be natural or using anabolic steroids, we’ll first bring you up to speed on Jeremey’s stats.

As mentioned, Jeremy competes in the physique category on stage against  Steve cook, Jeff SeidSergi ConstanceRob Riches and Kris Gethin, so by comparison, if you stood him next to IFBB pros like Phil Heath, or Big Ramy, he would look like a child.

Stand him next to a regular man, however, and have him take his shirt off, and you will instantly see just how amazing his physique really is.

Jeremy stands at 5ft 8 inches tall, and in the off-season, he weighs in at just shy of 200 pounds.

When competing, however, he drops down to around 165 pounds.

Now, on paper these stats are pretty average, but trust us, there is nothing average about Jeremey’s physique, which is why he has won so many titles over the years.

Is Jeremy Buendia Natural Or On Steroids?

So, is Jeremy Buendia Natural Or On Steroids?

Jeremy Buendia’s physique is very impressive, but is it too impressive to be achieved naturally?

Well, we’ll now be looking at some pieces of evidence both for, and against, steroid use to help us draw a conclusion as to whether we believe Jeremy did build his body naturally, or if he had any help from Mr Steroid.

Take a look and see what you think.

On Paper He’s Not That Big

One of the most obvious signs that a bodybuilder is on steroids, is when he is so large in size.

IFBB bodybuilders for example, are obviously taking virtually every compound under the sun, because they are so freakishly enormous.

You have bodybuilders at 5ft 9 inches tall, weighing close to 300 pounds in the off-season, which is absurd.

Jeremy however, is not one of those bodybuilders.

He’s 5ft 8 and weighs maybe 200 pounds in the off-season, which is perfectly reasonable.

When he diets down for a show, he competes at around 165 pounds, which again, is pretty much what you would expect for a natty.

Because he isn’t enormous, this has led people to believe that he could be natural, but we certainly can’t make a judgement based on that alone.

His Condition Is Insane Year-long

One thing you notice about Jeremy if you follow him on social media etc, is the fact that he is in amazing shape all year-long.

It’s very, very rare that Jeremy does not have ABS, in fact, it’s virtually unheard of.

Maintaining lean and aesthetic condition naturally requires a lot of hard work, and many people believe that it is not possible.

Because of this, certain individuals believe that Jeremy may be on certain steroids, including Winstrol, to help him maintain his lean muscle mass and to keep his body fat percentages under control.

Is Jeremy Buendia Natural Or On Steroids?

He has Obvious Signs Of Gyno

This is a big one, and by a big one, we mean a biggie, when it comes to tell-tale signs of steroid use.

As you probably know, one of the most prominent dangers associated with steroid use, is Gynecomastia.

Gynecomastia is a condition where men develop puffy nipples and fatty deposits on their chests, basically causing them to develop breasts just like women.

This is largely caused when steroids aromatize in the body, and are converted into excess Estrogen.

A tell-tale sign of Gyno is where the nipples look puffy, and slightly cone-shaped, and as you will see if you check out some pics of Jeremy, he does appear to have obvious signs of Gyno.

Gyno can be avoided if post-cycle therapy, or PCT, is run after a steroid cycle, but if a person develops it, it cannot be reversed naturally, meaning that the only way to clear up the issue is to undergo surgery.

As Jeremy has signs of Gyno, this could indicate that he has used steroids in the past.

He Was Bigger As A Teenager

When most lifters start lifting in their teens, they’ll build a little muscle mass, but nothing to write home about.

As they continue to train, each year they will get a little bigger.

With Jeremy however, he appears to have a case of the bodybuilding Benjamin Button syndrome going on.

Rather than getting bigger, he has actually gotten smaller.

When he was 17 he was big and jacked, but as the years went by, he actually shrunk down and focussed more on conditioning instead.

‘Natty Gains’ is a well-known concept, but if you see the pictures of Jeremy in his teens, unless he has amazing genetics, surely he must’ve something to get used to that size at such a young age.

Could it be that he used steroids briefly as a teen, and decided to go the natural route instead?

Or maybe, he still used gear, but in much smaller dosages, placing an emphasis on aesthetics and condition, rather than size and strength.

Insane Vascularity

In order for a bodybuilder to reveal their abs, they need to drop down to around !

2% body fat at least.

When it comes to vascularity, other then bicep veins, which can be noticeable in people with fairly high body fat if the muscle pump is impressive enough, it is widely believed that you have to be well into single digit body fat percentages to really show off freakish veins.

Genetics also plays a part of course, but generally, low body fat percentages are key.

If you see Jeremy a few weeks out from a contest, you’ll see that he has some of the craziest vascularity going on that you could ever imagine, along with insane muscle pumps.

He has veins in his biceps, forearms, legs, chest, shoulders, and even his ABS.

As insane vascularity is often associated with steroid use, you can understand why people often accuse Jeremey of using steroids in the lead up to a bodybuilding show.

No Other Obvious Signs Of Steroid Use

In some bodybuilders, you’ll know right away whether or not they are on steroids, as they will have huge HGH guts, their deltoids will look twice as big as the rest of their bodies, their ABS will be big and blocky, they’ll be covered in acne, and their jaw will look blockier than a game of Tetris.

Jeremy Buendia however, does not have any of these issues.

In fact, other than the Gyno, which can be a genetic condition not-related to steroid use, there is actually very little evidence which could cause people to believe that he is on steroids.

His physique is symmetrical instead of being huge and uneven.

His skin is smooth and is free of acne caused by hormonal imbalances, and he isn’t actually all that big or blocky at all.

His condition is very good, but with the right diet and training principles, many experts believe that achieving that kind of condition would certainly not be impossible.

So, is Jeremy Buendia Natural Or On Steroids?

Now for the moment of truth, as we reveal whether we believe Jeremy to be natural or on gear.

Before we go any further, we must first reveal that coming to this conclusion was very tough, and again, as mentioned, it is purely our own opinions.

Based upon the fact that he is not very big, has virtually no obvious signs of steroid use, and has been lifting for many, many years, we believe that Jeremy Buendia is in fact natural.

We’re sceptical as to whether he has ever used steroids, perhaps in the past because he was one of the most jacked 17-year-olds we’ve ever seen.

The fact that he became smaller, rather than bigger, however, indicates that maybe he experimented with steroids at a young age, and found that they didn’t agree with him, or that he didn’t agree with them.

This would also explain the gyno, because it could be that, like many other naïve young bodybuilders using steroids for the first time, Jeremy may not have known how they worked or what side-effects that could cause, and he may not have run PCT after finishing his course.

Based on the here and now, however, we believe Jeremy Buendia to be natural, though if he has used steroids in the past, we certainly would not be surprised.
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