Is Dwayne Johnson ‘The Rock’ on Steroids?

Whether you know him as ‘The Rock’ ‘The Great One’ ‘The People’s Champ’ or simply as ‘Dwayne’ it’s safe to say that Dwayne Johnson, AKA The Rock, cuts an extremely physically imposing figure.

Standing 6ft 4 inches tall, and generally weighing in at well over 250 pounds, The Rock has been a muscle bound action hero in Hollywood for close to 15 years now.

Before that he was of course, The Rock, the former WWE champion and wrestler for the WWE, where he followed in his father’s and his grandfather’s footsteps.

Yes, The Rock, a 3rd generation superstar against John Cena, was always a big dude, which was one of the reasons why he was signed by the WWE to begin with.

Despite always being in pretty great shape, over the last decade, The Rock has seemingly stepped up his training and nutrition to a whole other level, as he is now, in his mid forties, in better shape than he was when he was still in his twenties when he was a WWE rookie.

This then begs the question ‘Is Dwayne Johnson The Rock on steroids’?

and if so, what kind is he using.

While we of course can’t provide a definitive answer, what we can do is look at some of the evidence that may suggest that he COULD be using steroids.

So, let’s learn more about The Rock.

WWE career

The Rock’s father, Rocky Johnson, was a former WWE tag team champion, while his grandfather, High Chief Peter Maivia, actually wrestled for the WWE when it was run by Vince McMahon’s own father.

Wrestling was in the Rock’s blood, and yet despite this, his first passion was football.

By the time he was in his mid teens The Rock was already around 6ft 3, and close to 270 pounds, not to mention the fact that he was rocking one of the funkiest tashes you could ever imagine.

Because of his size, and natural athletic ability, The Rock was a football natural.

He played football for the Miami Hurricanes, yet due to injury, he was cut and tried his luck in Canada.

He was actually cut again, and, not knowing where to turn next, he asked his father to train him to become a wrestler.

As the years went by, Rock honed his skills and was signed by the WWE as a rookie.

He made his debut at the 1997 Survivor Series PPV, under the ring name Rocky Maivia – A tribute to his father and grandfather.

He was portrayed as an uber good guy and the fans despised this, chanting ‘Die Rocky, Die’.

Eventually The Rock turned his back on the fans, became a bad guy, and spoke from the heart, and all of a sudden Rocky Maivia became The Rock.

Rock went on to win the IC title and the WWE title multiple times, before leaving the WWE in the early 2000s, to forge a career for himself in acting.

WWE Physique

When The Rock made his debut in the WWE, he wore typical wrestling trunks.

It was clear that he was a big dude, billed at 6ft 5 and 275 pounds, The Rock had the size and the stamina to hang with the likes of Triple H, the Undertaker, and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

While he was never especially out of shape, he was never super ripped either.

He was huge, and was every bit of the 275 lbs that the WWE billed him as, yet his body fat was kinda’ high, say around 16 – 18% for a while.

Avid wrestling fans will also remember how, in late 1998 and early 1999, The Rock went from wrestling in his usual wrestling trunks, to wearing black tracksuit pants and a black track t-shirt.

The reason for this is because, to begin with, he was slightly out of shape, and secondly was the fact that he was suffering from gyno, and had gynecomastia surgery, where obviously his physique needed to be covered up until he had recovered.

As you know, gyno is a common side effect of steroid use, but was The Rock using steroids?

Is Dwayne Johnson The Rock on Steroids

Rock Admitted To Using Steroids In The Past!

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hold up.

The Rock, one of the most influential people in the world, admitted to using steroids in the past?

Yes, though not for a heck of a long time.

You see, when he was trying to make it in football, The Rock knew that his size and athletic ability were what brought him to the dance, so he admitted that he, along with his buddies experimented with steroids for a while when he was 18.

He said that he used them for a while, yet didn’t notice any vast improvements, and didn’t like the way that they made him feel.

So, if he has admitted to using steroids in the past, why wouldn’t he admit to using them again?

Well, to begin with, he could very well be natural and his recent transformation could simply be a combination of hard work and superior genetics.

However, it could also be down to the fact that his agents know that admitting to using steroids would set a bad example, and could tarnish his image.

His past steroid use can be excused because he was still a kid and didn’t know any better.

If The Rock admitted to using steroids now, however, there would be a public outcry.

Dwayne Johnson ‘The Rock’ Transformation

Those that followed The Rock closely will know that, in 2002 when his WWE career was winding down when he was juggling wrestling with acting, Rock’s body fat dropped and he became leaner, yet lost some size as well.

He dropped roughly 30 pounds to begin with, and when he left completely and began focussing on family-friendly movie roles, his weight dropped to around 220 pounds.

As the years went by, his physique kind of stayed the same, he was always big, but he was nowhere near as big as he once was.

Suddenly, however, in the late 2000s, Rock blew up! When he starred as Hobbs in the fifth Fast and Furious movie, Rock was huge!

He literally dwarfed Vin Diesel, who himself was no slouch in the gym, and he looked to be closer to 280 pounds.

He added heaps of mass to his frame, and the gains continued when he played a bodybuilder in the movie Pain and Gain.

He also made a dramatic return to the WWE in 2011, and not long after he was wrestling as well as acting.

When he made his return to the ring he looked incredibly impressive in his trunks, as he was huge, vascular, and ripped.

This then begs the question as to how a man in his forties, could look so much better now, than he did 15 – 20 years ago.

For many people, the obvious answer was – steroids!

Is Dwayne Johnson The Rock on Steroids

Is The Rock On steroids?

We of course can’t provide a definitive answer to this question because we truly don’t know.

What we can do, however, is a look at some of the evidence to suggest that Rock MAY be using steroids, or at least, that he may have used them recently.

A few pieces of evidence that would point to the fact that Rock has used steroids include:

Very Large Traps

One tell-tale sign of steroid use is when an individual suddenly grows a set of oversized traps.

If you take a look at Rock’s traps, you’ll see that they are huge, and that they start not far below his neck.

However, If you look back at the Rock wrestling in the 90s, you’ll see that he has always had huge traps, so genetically, he could very well have simply been blessed with great trap genetics.

Large Shoulders

Another sign of steroid use is when a person grows a set of rounded, cannonball-like deltoids.

When The Rock was getting ready to shoot Pain and Gain, his shoulders certainly became much bigger and more rounded.

Sudden Transformation

When The Rock began his body transformation he seemingly added 30 or more pounds of lean muscle to his frame, while not only maintaining his weight, but actually dropping body fat in the process.

With age against him, as well as his own schedule, finding the time to make such an impressive transformation must have been tough.

Perhaps a little chemical assistance played a key role?

Flushed Skin

The Rock’s skin does certainly appear to be darker than it was a decade ago.

Flushed skin is a sign of steroid use because steroids have a thermogenic effect on the body that increases core body temperature.

Could the Rock’s flushed skin be a sign of steroid use?


Is Dwayne Johnson The Rock on Steroids?

The Rock Steroids That COULD Be Using

As mentioned, we have no idea whether or not The Rock is truly using steroids, but his transformation several years ago was very impressive, and certainly could lead people to think that he was using steroids.

If he is using steroids, based on his physique and the supporting evidence, here’s a look at which cycle and steroids he could be using:


Let’s face it, when you’re 6ft 4 and 270 pounds you’re bound to have naturally high levels of testosterone in your body.

However, as we grow older, our testosterone levels naturally decline, which is why Rock could be using artificial testosterone.

This would also explain his overly developed traps, which naturally have high numbers of androgen receptors, so they respond very well to testosterone and other anabolic compounds.


You may also have noticed how Rock’s head and torso now look to be shaped differently to how they used to be back in his early WWE days.

In the past his head appeared longer, whereas now it seems rounder and blockier.

This could be due to the use of HGH, also known as Human Growth Hormone.

HGH is another highly anabolic compound which, like testosterone, is produced naturally within the human body.

However, the amounts of HGH that the human body can produce are nowhere near high enough to cause changes in musculature, or in the shape of the body.

This, then, would suggest that he could have been using artificial HGH to compliment to testosterone.

HGH when used with testosterone has been found to help increase lean muscle growth, like Anadrol, Dboltrenbolone, winstrol, clenbuterol and anavar  while simultaneously reducing body fat percentages.

When you look at The Rock’s recent transformation, it is certainly a plausible possibility.

So, is The Rock On Steroids?

People will often ask is Dwayne Johnson The Rock using steroids, and truthfully, only The Rock and a handful of others will know the definitive answer.

Remember, Rock has superior genetics on his side like Bradley Martyn,Kali Muscle and Calum Von Moger.

Plus! he was a former pro athlete, and he is now one of the richest men in the world, so he can certainly afford quality supplements, ingredients, equipment, and trainers.

In fact, Rock has worked with both Hany Ranbod and George Farrah, over the years, who are two of the best trainers on the planet.

We feel he may be using steroids, but steroids or not, the hard work has most definitely been put in to get where he is right now.
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