How To Get Shredded ABS

Summer is now almost upon us, which means barbeques, parties, long days, short nights, warmer weather, and plenty of hot sunshine and days on the beach or basking in the sun.

When the weather’s warm we like nothing more than to strip down and enjoy the weather, possibly even topping up our tans, providing we’re sensible that is.

The problem with that is that if you’re not in shape and are carrying way more body fat than you should be carrying, the last thing you’ll want to be doing is to strip down and go topless on the beach, or even your own backyard for that matter.

As far as the perfect physique goes, most people agree that a set of shredded ABS is the way to go, which is why so many men drive themselves crazy trying to gain a set of ABS in the first place.

Building a set of shredded ABS is not easy, but if you follow our advice on how to get shredded ABS, the entire process will become that little bit easier for you so you can strut your stuff proudly on the beach this year.

Do More Cardio To Get Shredded ABS

Some people seem to be under the illusion that the secret to achieving a six pack is to perform nothing but sit ups and stomach crunches every single day.

Whilst those core exercises do indeed play an integral part of building a six pack, if your body fat percentages are too high you simply won’t be able to make out your ABS in the slightest, as they’ll be hidden away under a layer of fat.

For the ABS to become visible, generally we need to get our body fat percentages to around 13% or below. Anything above that, and the ABS just will not be visible.

Cardio plays a key role in the burning of body fat and so for that reason you must ensure you’re performing plenty of cardio each week to achieve the most noticeable results.

Don’t Go Crazy With The Sit Ups

Another common misconception associated with six packs is that we need to be performing over 1000 sit ups and stomach crunches a day in order for our ABS to become visible.

This is complete nonsense and is a total waste of time.

Ab exercises are essential, but 1000 reps just are not.

Instead, something as simple as two ab and core exercises, with 3 working sets of around 30 reps, performed two or three times a week is more than adequate when it comes to building up the ABS.

If you’re doing 1000 sit ups per day, stop it as not only is it a waste of time, you could even potentially end up overtraining, which is the last thing you want.

Clean Up Your Diet

If you’re really serious about getting shredded ABS this summer, your diet is going to need some major cleaning up as keeping your body fat percentages low enough for the ABS to become visible is absolutely essential.

Forget beer, forget pizza, and forget any other form of processed junk food because for the next few weeks, even months, you’re going to want to be eating nothing but healthy, nutrient-dense, natural produce to ensure that your body fat percentages remain, or drop down, low enough for the ABS to become visible.

how to get shredded ABS

Vary Your Workouts

One of the most common mistakes that people tend to make when trying to get shredded ABS is to stick with the same exercises and the same routines for their ABS and their cores week in and week out.

They’ll go into the gym, finish off their ABS, and will perform the same exercises, typically crunches, every single week without fail.

Whilst crunches and sit ups are indeed very beneficial, there are many other ABS exercises that are just as effective, and in reality, you should vary your workouts and mix and match, so that your core and your ABS don’t get used to being put through the same workout every single week.

Remember, the trick to growth and progress is to keep the body guessing, so mix things up and add a little variety to your AB workouts and you’ll be amazed by what a difference it can make.

Carb-cycling To Get Shredded ABS

Carb-cycling, also known as carb-rotating, is one of the most effective diet and nutritional strategies for stripping away those last few ounces of stubborn body fat in order to reveal the lean, Shredded, and chiselled six pack ABS hiding underneath.

Carb cycling is ideal because it will trick the body into using your last few ounces of body fat for energy, rather than carbohydrates.

You will generally have high carb days, medium carb days, and low carb days.

The idea behind the medium and low carb days is to drain away the last remaining traces of glycogen from your muscles, which in turn will force the body to turn into body fat for energy instead.

The high carb days replenish glycogen stores which will make you more efficient in the gym, and will again help to ensure that when the glycogen has gone, that your body once again taps into your body fat because it will literally think that it is starving.

Think About Using a Fat-burning Supplement

When it comes about choosing the right supplements, especially when you’re looking on how to get shredded ABS, Fat burner supplements are the best!

Thermogenic fat burning supplements are currently more popular than ever, and when you see some of the fantastic products available from some of the most reputable and most effective companies in the world, it’s easy to understand why.

Getting a shredded abs is all about getting your body fat percentages as low as possible, generally below 12%, which is not easy, even with healthy eating and plenty of exercise.

Fat burning supplements help to raise core body temperatures, which in turn result in more calories being burnt, and more energy being created as a result.

This means that not only are you burning more calories, but you’re also getting more energy to become more active in the process, so it’s really a win-win situation.

Just make sure that you purchase from trusted sellers, and companies, and that you use them responsibility, as these supplements are not to be abused.

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