How To Get ABS For Girls

Top Tips On How To Get ABS For Girls

When it comes to an aesthetic looking physique, most people tend to focus on waist sizes and abdominal muscle development.

Put simply, if people were asked to describe their ideal body, 90% of the time, they would talk about the importance of a six pack.

When we think of six packs and ABS development, however, we often tend to think of men as opposed to women.

Whilst it’s true that society would indeed appear to want us to believe that six packs look more attractive to men than they do for women, in reality ABS on girls also look absolutely fantastic.

When it comes to how to get ABS for girls and women, however, that is where the real hard work begins. Women find it tougher to lose weight and burn fat than men.

Now, before anybody gets upset or insulted, that isn’t a sexist remark or a generalisation, it is a proven scientific fact.

Women are genetically predisposed to carry more body fat than men, due mainly to childbearing and potential childbearing.

SOME fat is important during pregnancy, and indeed during nursing as well, so not only do women store more fat, but their bodies also stubbornly cling onto it, making it much tougher to get down into single digit body fat percentages.

Women also have slower metabolisms than men, so when it does come to how to get ABS for girls, the hard work really does need to be put in.

With that being said, however, achieving a great looking set of ABS is still highly possible with a little hard work, knowledge, dedication, self control, and motivation.

Here we’ll be taking a look To these top tips on how to get ABS for girls and women so you yourself can burn fat and sculpt your ABS like never before.

Get Plenty Of Aerobic Exercise

People often think that in order for the abdominal muscles to become visible, that all is required is core work such as stomach crunches and leg raises, etc.

In reality, however, things are very different and are sad, much tougher than that.

Yes, whilst working your core is very important, and we’ll learn more about that a little later, the most beneficial thing you can do if you are trying to build yourself a set of ABS to be proud of, is getting your body fat levels right down.

Aerobic exercise, such as cardiovascular exercise is a fantastic way of burning fat and toning your muscles, so try to ensure you get plenty of cardio in each week.

As far as cardio goes, that really is up to you in terms of what you do, as some women prefer jogging, some go swimming, some go cycling, some take spin classes, and much more besides.

The key is making sure that you are consistent and that you really and truly do get plenty of aerobic exercise in each week.

Experts recommend at least three hours per week, though if you can do more, that certainly won’t hurt.


Mix Up Your Cardio To Keep Things Fresh

As mentioned, when it comes to cardio and aerobic exercise, a lot of women find themselves having their own personal preferences and favourites and so they stick to these same forms of exercise week in and week out.

Whilst still being very good for you, and very effective at burning fat, to help keep things fresh and to keep your body in full-blown fat burning mode, you should ideally mix up your cardio regularly.

How you do this is entirely up to you, but some women, for example, will attend spin class on Mondays, go to the gym on Tuesdays, attends circuit training class on Thursdays, and go for a steady stroll over the weekend.

Others may wish to stick with the same activities, jogging for example, for several weeks, before trying a different activity a few weeks later.

Whether you choose different activities or whether you choose to mix things up every few weeks, what you must do is remember to push yourself and really shake things up during each workout.

So, if the last time you ran forward, say, 45 minutes and burnt off 400 calories, the next time, try running for 45 minutes, and burning off 450 calories perhaps.

By changing things up you avoid complacency and keep things fun and enjoyable in the process, which is what exercise and fitness should be about.

Don’t Forget To Work Your Core

Now we’ll talk about the importance of working your core and training your ABS. When it comes to the subject of how to get ABS for girls and women, core work is vital for many reasons.

We spoke about the importance of getting your body fat percentages down in order to reveal the ABS hidden under the layers of stubborn body fat, but when you are able to strip this fat down, you need to actually have some abdominal muscle development to reveal.

Remember, the abdominal muscles are still muscles, and just like other muscles such as the biceps, in order for them to be visible and in order for them to grow, they need to be trained just like other muscles.

There are many different core exercises and workouts for you to perform, just remember that you don’t need to go crazy to see some pretty wild results.

Don’t Over Train Your Abs

When you read articles about fitness, specifically on the subject of getting in shape, often times you can tell which articles are credible, and which articles have been written by people who basically have no idea what they’re talking about.

Celebrity gossip magazines, for example, often focus on body transformations, etc., yet when they talk about AB development, they spout complete and utter nonsense.

For example, many times you’ll see them talking about how, in order for you to build up your ABS, that you need to do 1000 sit ups each day etc.

This is complete nonsense and is not true, and is actually counterproductive.

To build your biceps, you don’t need to perform 1000 bicep curls per day, you only actually need to train them once or twice per week, performing as little as three exercises per workout.

The same goes for your ABS. In order for your ABS to grow, all you need to do is train them two or three times per week, choosing two or three exercises per workout, keeping reps in the moderate range.

Instead of 1000 stomach crunches per day, stick with something like: 3 sets of 30 reps, before moving on to another exercise, keeping sets and rep ranges very similar.

Make Sure You Rest

Resting is just as important as exercising when it comes to making gains, which is why it’s important that you ensure that you not only get enough sleep each night, but that you also take at least two full days off from any form of exercise.

Even though you may think that by not training ABS, and doing something like, say, jogging, that your ABS will have a chance to rest and recover, in reality that is not the case at all.

Any form of physical exercise will keep your body busy and in a stressed environment, meaning that it won’t have a chance to recover following arduous and physically demanding workouts.

You want your ABS to grow and develop, which means that rest days are just as important as training days.

Although it can be tempting to do even just a little exercise on your days off, you should ideally make sure that you resist the urge as this can interfere with recovery times.

Eat Cleanly

Finally, as far as how to get ABS for girls is concerned, your diet is absolutely crucial as not only will it help to ensure you lose fat, but it will also help you to perform better in the gym, and recover much quicker in the process.

Make sure your diet consists of plenty of wholesome, natural foods packed full of nutrients, and don’t forget to get plenty of protein in there.

If it is processed or rich in sugar or artificial ingredients, ditch it as it will be no good.

If you’re looking for a best way to lose weight, you might like to read about Clenbuterol for women.

Also, as you need to ensure that you either lose body fat, or maintain your body fat levels in their current state, if they are low enough, of course, you will need to ensure that you aren’t consuming more calories than your body requires, otherwise you will gain weight, and that is what you want to be avoiding.

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