6 Reasons You Should NOT “Dating A Bodybuilder”

We’ve got this article from a GIRL! who says that dating a bodybuilder is really a bad idea!

Even if she can’t see the bright side in a bodybuilder life!

You’re missing a lot, Lady!

So, let see what she gots as a personal opinion!

If you are a gym fanatic please!

Look away!

This article is not for you.

We are warning you this is going to be pretty offensive.

This is for whoever is into that all embracing the body image movement.

People who would rather say that they are proud to be lazy, that laziness did not choose them naaaah!

They looked for laziness and gave it a a warm handshake.

This is for you! if you have been crushing on some bodybuilder, but you’re having second thoughts about dating him.

We get you.

Here are 6 reasons you should not dating a bodybuilder.

1. If You Are Old School In Bed:

We are not judging you girl!

Turning off the lights while having sex.

We all have been there whether because we just like the dark romantic side of it, or we are just insecure about a little bit of cellulite on the thighs, some stretch marks on the belly, sagging breasts – Gravity!

You son of a biscuit- skinny calves, and the list go on.

All these details make your body unique, those are not flaws they were never flaws when Michelangelo drew them in the 16th century and they will not be flaws in present day, except if you are dating a bodybuilder who lives in a T-shirt with #noexcuses plastered on it.

You do not want to date someone who will not understand that you are aware of the wonders the gym can do to transform your body, you simply do not want to go that way to embrace your curves and edges.

2. If You Are A Foodie:

Nutella on your French toast, a trip to McDonald’s at 3 am, copious amounts of pizza, – enough drooling already – can you really give up all these almost mini orgasms for the sake of dating the strictly notorious obsessed bodybuilder you are crushing on ?

Nah !

We don’t think so either.

The most important part here is that you both won’t be able to meet halfway.

A bodybuilder can’t sacrifice his macros, and a foodie won’t give up on the gods of melting cheese.

This will only lead to a rollercoaster of who’s having a better perspective on la joie de vivre , the girl who wants to satisfy her taste bugs or the bodybuilder who wants to satisfy his ego in front of the mirror.

No one wins here.

No one!

3. If You Are A Night Owl:

He needs his zzzz’s to make the gains.

We had to break it to you as soon as possible.

Sleeping is a bodybuilder’s way of praying to the gods of gains.

This is how important his pillow to him.

While you want to watch four episodes of the games of thrones he wants to sleep.

While you want to go on a reckless unplanned trip after midnight he wants to cuddle his pillow.

While you are horny and you want to give him a cow girl treat …wait that’s debatable he might count that as a late night cardio session anyway.

Girl! If you are a night lover and your anthem is ” the nights belong to lovers” by Patti smith, just keep singing it while driving your car outta that bodybuilder’s life.

Dating A Bodybuilder

4. If You Have Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD)

When Its comes to dating a bodybuilder, this can be a serious issue so we’ll spare you the sarcasm.

If at any point in your life you dealt with anorexia, bigorexia, bulimia, or any kind of other body image related mental illness, and you still haven’t recovered completely from the demons in your head, you better consider staying away from the strict lifestyle of a bodybuilder.

This will only expose you to a possible rebound.

Working out itself is a positive addition to anyone’s life, but we are talking here about the draconian atmosphere of a real gym fanatic that might put the stress on your mental health.

Always think about entering the “gym-journey” as a personal choice and never a way to fit in a puzzle you don’t belong to.

5. If You’re An Anti Globalization Protester:

This whole new #fitlife movement that has been increasing since 2010 is nothing but the pressure of a culture pushed by the power of social media- hello ! Instagram! Hey Facebook! what’s up ? Tumblr !- before this wave of Gymaholics became a trend, diversity was a plus.

If you’re French we expected you to be skinny.

If you’re Latina we expected you to be curvy.

If you’re German we expected you to be thick…and the expectations go on depending on your geographical position.

Now your bodybuilder crush expects you to be nothing but a #squater with that perky derriere and solid six pack.

The anti Globalization protester in you wouldn’t welcome this ideology and the brainwashed bodybuilder wouldn’t accept your argument on this matter.

Too late my girl!

He is already into that piece of ass he saw on Instagram, you can keep your piece of brain to yourself.

6. If You Are A Social Butterfly:

We’re not saying bodybuilders are introverts.

They are extremely social as much as you can be, with a slight twist: their social circle only includes people like them AKA gym worshippers.

It’s almost like a ” Fight Club” movie.

You can join the club, but are you going to understand their language.

These people have their own jargon, and you’re not willing to learn a jargon you won’t be using to talk to the cashier in your super markets, the Harvard university professor you have been e-mailing lately, and the security guard you exchange jokes with.

See! You guys are both social on a way too different universes.

So what about you guys? what do you think about dating a bodybuilder?

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