Chul Soon: Steroids Or Natural?

As annoying as it is for bodybuilders, when it comes to bodybuilding, steroid accusations will never be far behind.

This just comes with the territory, but you need a pretty thick skin when it comes to being a bodybuilder and dealing with steroid accusations.

We’re not here to judge anybody for using steroids, in fact, we believe that steroids have been demonized pretty harshly by the press over the last few decades.

Steroids can work very effectively for people looking to bulk up and gain muscle, in fact, they work very well for a wide array of different reasons.

There are steroids for burning fat, steroids for increasing strength, steroids for building muscle, steroids for athletic enhancement, and there are even steroids prescribed by doctors for health reasons.

The steroids, or potential steroids, we’re going to be looking at today are those that MAY have been used by a certain bodybuilder known as Chul Soon, or Hwang Chul Soon to be precise.

Below we’re going to be looking at Chul Soon in a bid to find out whether is Chul Soon natural or taking steroids.

We’re going to look at the evidence for and against the potential steroid use, and will then attempt to come up with a conclusion based purely on opinion and not fact.

A Legal Disclaimer

To get things started, before we begin learning more about Chul Soon, we need to get this legal disclaimer out of the way.

We do not know Chul Soon personally, nor are we associated with him in any way.

we have no access to his medical records, nor do we know whether he is, or has, ever used anabolic steroids of any kind.

Therefore, the conclusion we draw will be based purely upon opinion, rather than fact.

So, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s learn more about this awesome bodybuilder.

Who Is Chul Soon?

Hwang Chul Soon is a Korean bodybuilder that has made quite the impression over the years.

He is a former Muscle Mania Universe Natural Pro Champion, which right away, will lead many people to believe he is indeed natural.

But hold on, things aren’t that black and white, and the reason why will soon become clear.

Hwang is a bodybuilder with one of the most awesome physiques on the planet.

He has full muscle bellies, huge delts, freaky size and condition, and one of the best “natural” physiques in the industry.

Born in Seoul, back in 1983, he is 34 years of age, with a number of years of training behind him.

He stands at 5ft 10, and weighs in at between 215 and 225lbs, depending on whether he is off-season or prepping for a show.

He is dubbed the Asian Arnold because he is so big and aesthetic, but what many people also don’t know is that he is also a very talented break dancer, and that many of his routines feature his B-boy skills.

He is also an accomplished actor and has featured in many Korean TV shows and advertisements, not to mention the fact that he has featured in many fitness magazines.

The Early Years

Initially, Chul Soon began competing back in 2009, in his home country.

As a child growing up in Korea, Chul’s appearance was very different then to what it is now.

Nowadays, Chul is a very big man, carrying heaps of muscle on a frame that most men would kill for.

As a youngster, however, Chul was very skinny and was often picked on and bullied for being so skinny.

As he grew older, although the teasing stopped, he was still very insecure about his looks and decided he wanted to bulk up to gain people’s respect and to help transform his life in a positive way.

By age 20, he was 5ft 10, yet he weighed just 125 pounds.

He claims that this caused people to look down their noses at him and to look at him like a freak.

In the early days, like most, he had no idea what he was doing and would do thousands of crunches per day, and spend hours upon hours in the gym.

Eventually he learned that he was actually making his physique worse, and instead he focussed on nutrition and a smart training program.

Soon he began noticing improvements, and in just three years, he had completely changed his body.

But, did he do it naturally or did he use steroids?

Chul Soon: Steroids Or Natural?

Is Chul Soon Natural Or Is He Taking Steroids?

Now that we have a little context and background info on Chul, we’ll now look at some pieces of evidence, both for, and against, steroid use.

Remember, we have no idea for certain whether or not he has used gear, or if he is using gear, but we can look at the evidence that is in front of us:

His Astonishing Transformation

Okay, we can’t ignore it anymore, Chul Soon’s transformation is so astonishing, and it happened so quickly, that surely he must be on steroids, or have used steroids!?

Remember, as an adult, Chul weighed less than most teenage girls nowadays, weighing just 125 pounds.

Now, he has put on over 100 pounds of solid muscle, and in fact, many of these pounds were gained in just three years.

Yes, we know newb gains are a real thing, but come on!?

You cannot honestly say, with a straight face, that a person can gain that amount of muscle mass, in that short space of time, naturally, even with the best genetics in the world?

Sorry, but there’s just no way in our eyes. 10 pounds we could easily believe, 20 wouldn’t be unreasonable, hell, even 30 at a push.

But 100!?

No, just no.

His Gains Since He Started Bodybuilding

Once he started bodybuilding in 2009, Chul had gained roughly 60 pounds of solid muscle, without gaining any fat.

He looked like he had been lifting for decades and was carrying a lot of size.

Long gone were his days of being skinny and scrawny.

If you compare him from 2009 to now, however, you can see that he looks to have added another 40 pounds of muscle to his frame, and he now looks huge!

He looks like he could have competed against the pros of the golden-era of bodybuilding, back in the 70s and 80s, and with his stats, he could have certainly held his own.

In less than a decade, he has gained another 40 pounds of muscle, which is very hard to believe that he did naturally.

He remind us of Bradley Martyn, Kali Muscle and Calum Von Moger transformations.

We know he trains his ass off and he eats right, but unless he has God-tier genes, gaining that much muscle would almost certainly be too much of an ask to do naturally.

His Face Looks Different Now Than Back Then

Another indication of potential steroid use is a change in facial structure.

Chul looks so different in the face now, that you would be forgiven for thinking that he used a body double as he looks so different.

Steroids, along with other pro-hormones like HGH, change a person’s facial structure, especially around the jaw, giving it a blockier effect.

Chul’s jaw certainly looks as if it has been chiselled out of granite, but is that because of steroids?


Chul Soon: Steroids Or Natural?

He Has 3D Deltoids

If you want to get an indication as to whether or not a person could be using steroids, just check out their deltoids.

Chul soon has shoulders that look more in place in a comic book than on a person.

His delts are awesome.

They are big, they are full, and they look like boulders.

We know he trains hard and really works his delts in the gym, but generally speaking, when a steroid user begins making gains, they often see their delts blow up in size and become very well-rounded, just like Chul’s.

His Crazy Condition

Not only does Chul Soon have a very Arnold-esque chest and upper body, his legs are equally as big and his condition is equally as awesome.

It’s rare for Chul to see his body fat percentages, increase in double figures, meaning that he walks around with visible ABS virtually all-year-long.

Maintaining this kind of freaky condition is very, very difficult when using gear, so doing it naturally would surely be one ask too far?

Chul has won numerous contests because of his awesome physique, but is he keeping the fat at bay and the gains coming by using steroids?

Hold on, hold on! Isn’t Chul Soon a ‘Natural’ champion?

Ah, well spotted.

Yes, if you were paying attention earlier you’ll see that Chul is the Musclemania Universe NATURAL pro champion.

Yes, let that sink in.


Natural infers that he is a drug-free, and who knows, maybe he is.

However, when people ask is Chul Soon natural or on steroids, they often bring up Musclemania.

Musclemania claims to be a natural organization as they drug test their athletes.

This is true.

They do.

Chul Soon has been drug tested countless times in the past, and to our knowledge, he has never failed a drug test.

So, surely that proves he is natural and that he hasn’t used steroids?

Well, not exactly.

You see, Musclemania’s drug-testing policy is, shall we say, questionable at best.

Unlike other natural federations, they do NOT test their athletes randomly.

Instead, they test their athletes after a show, and they give them months of notice.

This means that, with basic planning, bodybuilders COULD run a steroid cycle that ends in enough time for them to hold onto their gains, with the added bonus of having their steroids of choice out of their systems when they are tested.

So, in theory, Chul, and other Musclemania pros such as Sergi ConstanceUlisses Jr and Simeon Panda, could run steroid cycles and end them in plenty of time so that the drugs are out of their systems when they are tested, meaning that they don’t show up on the test, giving the athlete a clean reading.

It certainly doesn’t prove anything, but it also means that you can’t realistically use these negative drug test results as proof of natural competition, because the athletes know when they are going to be tested.

Potential Hwang Chul Soon steroid stack

We don’t know for sure whether Chul is using gear, though you can probably guess which way our verdict is swinging at the moment.

Because of his awesome size and condition, if Chul was using steroids, they would have to be pretty strong and potent to yield such impressive results.
Therefore, a potential stack could be:

Is Chul Soon Natural Or Taking Steroids?

It’s rare that we find ourselves so unanimously convinced that an individual is, or has, been using steroids to help build an awesome physique, but this is certainly an exception.

If you saw Chul Soon with no real knowledge of how he used to look, with his huge barrel chest and boulder shoulders, you’d instantly think he was probably using something.

If, however, you knew that he went from being borderline anorexic, to one of the biggest Musclemania pros in the industry, in such a relatively short space of time, you’d swear blind that he was almost certainly using steroids.

And guess what, that’s what we think too.

Sure, we know he’s never failed a “drugs test” and blah, blah, but we also know how questionable their testing policies are.

We also know that to go from 125 pounds to 225+ pounds, while barely gaining an ounce of fat, well, you’d have to have astonishingly phenomenal genetics on your side, and even then, we’re not sure you’d make it.

Therefore, we THINK that Hwang Chul Soon is not natural and that he is, or has, been using steroids.
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