Is Brock Lesnar On Steroids Or Natural?

If you’re familiar with college wrestling, WWE wrestling, the Minnesota Vikings, or the UFC, chances are you’ll already be familiar with a certain Brooooock Lesnarrr!

Brock Lesnar is one of the greatest athletes on the face of the earth, not to mention the fact that he’s tougher than a two-dollar steak.

If you’re familiar with Brock, you’ll also know just how physically imposing as a man he happens to be.

Standing at 6ft 3 and weighing in at around 286 pounds, Brock Lesnar is a force to be reckoned with.

Not only is he big and muscular, he’s also as strong as an Ox and as quick as a cat.

Athletes like Brock Lesnar come around once in a lifetime, so it’s best to enjoy him whilst he performs because the years are slowly creeping up on him now.

Because he is such a physical specimen, this has led to many Brock Lesnar steroids accusations, and when you look at some of the facts like we will be doing shortly, you can understand why that is.

But are these Brock Lesnar steroids accusations justified?

Well, let’s take a look shall we?

In this article we’ll be detailing Brock Lesnar’s illustrious career thus far, we’ll be getting to know him as a man, and we’ll be looking at whether we believe he is using steroids.

So, let’s get started.

The legal stuff

We know, we know, we don’t like it either, but it has to be said so as to avoid unpleasant legal action.

We are in no way affiliated with Brock Lesnar, nor do we have any proof for or against steroid use on his part.

Put simply, the content in this article is purely based upon speculation on our part as we attempt to determine whether we believe the Brock Lesnar steroids accusations in the past were justified or not.

So, as we’ve now gotten that out of the way, let’s now start by learning more about Brock Lesnar.

Who Is Brock Lesnar?

Brock Lesnar is a multiple, and current as of this writing WWE World Heavyweight Champion, a former UFC champion, and a former NCAA champion.

Put simply, he’s one of the toughest and most gifted athletes to ever grace our green earth.

Standing at an imposing 6ft 3 and weighing close to 300 pounds of solid muscle, he is a beast of a man that takes his training, diet, and lifestyle incredibly seriously.

The Early Years

Brock Lesnar grew up on a farm in Minnesota and from a young age, he would get hands on with the daily chores and work that farm life required.

A country boy born and bred, Brock loved, and still loves, the great outdoors.

Because working on a farm is so labour intensive, Brock as a young teen, was considerably bigger than his other classmates.

Because of his size and natural athletic ability, various gym coaches saw huge potential in Brock, and encouraged him to get involved in football and amateur wrestling.

He did.

He took to both, especially the wrestling, like a duck to water and he proved to be one of the best wrestlers in the entire country.

He competed in the NCAA as he grew older and tore through the competition like they were nothing.

By the time he was in his mid-teens, he was already bigger and stronger than most fully grown adults as he had an incredibly impressive physique, which only helped him improve his natural ability.

Not content with dominating the amateur ranks, Lesnar next set his sights on the WWE, which was then known as the WWF, and he enrolled in their developmental territory OVW, or Ohio Valley Wrestling.

Is Brock Lesnar On Steroids Or Natural?


In OVW, Brock again picked up pro wrestling incredibly easily and quickly, and many of the coaches and trainers were amazed by how impressive and natural he looked at the ring.

Now in his early twenties, he weighed close to 300 pounds, with barely an ounce of fat on his frame.

Brock, along with other now-huge names in the WWE, including: Batista, John Cena, and Randy Orton, quickly rose amongst the ranks and would put on very impressive matches which caught the eyes of the officials of the WWE, including Vince McMahon himself.

Despite being close to 300 pounds and being one of the strongest wrestlers in the business, Brock moved like a cruiserweight and would even pull off several impressive Shooting Star Presses, which was a move where you stood on the top turnbuckle and performed an inverted 360 degree flip in the air, before slamming down onto your opponent, abdomen first, on the mat below.

He was a special athlete and soon made his debut on the main roster in 2002, where he had the most dominant rookie year ever.

He won the King of the Ring tournament, and the WWE title within five months of making his debut, defeating none other than The Rock, to become the then youngest champ in history, at just 25.

He went on to dominate the WWE for several years, until eventually the brutal travel schedule took its toll on him and he decided to try something new.

Life After The WWE

Initially after leaving the WWE, Lesnar tried out for the Minnesota Vikings pro Football Club in the NFL.

Brock had it all in the WWE, he was one of the main faces of the company, he was raking in millions each year, and he even had his own private jet to try to ease the burden of flying here, there, and everywhere to perform.

He stuck to his guns, however and tried his hand at making it in the NFL.

He weighed in at 283 pounds, he benched 225 pounds for 30 reps, he ran a 40 of 4.65, and he had a 35 inch vertical jump.

These were very impressive stats.

Unfortunately Lesnar didn’t quite make the cut, but rather than simply quit, he instead set new goals.

He performed in Japan as a pro wrestler, before deciding to try his hand at MMA.

He made his MMA debut in 2007, defeating the 7ft tall Min Soo Kim by submission by strikes.

He caught the attention of the UFC – the biggest MMA organization in the world, and one year later he made his debut against Frank Mir who was one of the best in the game.

Brock pretty much dominated Mir from the get go, but a lack of experience meant that Mir caught him in a knee bar and he was forced to tap.

He came straight back months later and defeated Heath Herring, before beating a UFC legend in Randy Couture, to become the UFC champ.

In 2009, Brock got his revenge against Mir, as he beat, brutalized, bloodied, and victimized Frank Mir, winning the bout by referee stoppage.


Months later, Brock contracted Diverticulitis, which resulted in him having several feet of his intestines surgically removed, and ultimately it nearly cost him his life.

He began training shortly after and experienced a second flare up, which again, required surgery.

Amazingly, Brock was back in the Octagon in less than a year, where he was able to defeat Shane Carwin by submission.

Despite winning, it was clear that Brock has lost a step since his illness, as he just didn’t seem quite as dominant as he once was.

Ultimately, he would lose his next two bouts against Velasquez and Overeem, and he decided to retire from the UFC in December of 2011.

Is Brock Lesnar On Steroids Or Natural?

A Return To Form

Four months later, the night after Wrestlemania, Brock made his return to the WWE and the crowd went nuts.

He returned and beat the holy hell out of John Cena.

Brock was back, and now, with a reputation for being one of the toughest men in the world, he really dominated the WWE.

Not forgetting how brutal the travel had been, and now with a family to think of, Brock returned on the basis that he would work under a limited part-time schedule, wrestling only around 6 – 7 times per year, despite bringing in several million dollars.

Back in August of 2016, as if from nowhere, Brock Lesnar was advertised for UFC 200, where he returned to the octagon for a one off appearance, and went on to defeat Mark Hunt.

He looked like the Brock Lesnar of old in this fight.

This is where things get interesting because that win was overruled and turned into a no contest because Brock apparently tested positive for a banned substance.

So, the Brock Lesnar Steroids Accusations Are True?

As we just looked at, because the UFC drug tests its fighters via USADA (United States Anti-Doping Agency) after fighting Mark Hunt, Lesnar’s test apparently showed up one positive reading for a banned substance.

Just to be clear, Brock took several drug tests for steroids before his fight, which he passed, otherwise he wouldn’t have been allowed to fight.

The one positive reading was for Clomid, which is a drug used for Post Cycle Therapy, AFTER a steroid cycle.

Naturally, one would assume that Brock had ran a steroid cycle, ended it in time to be drug tested before the fight, and hopped on PCT afterwards to protect his liver and his body.

However, Brock claimed that he was taking medication which contained Clomid, hence the positive reading.

Just remember, Brock did pass countless steroid tests before fighting, though he only had to undergo one month of testing, rather than 4 like the other fighters.

Potential Steroid Use

Now let’s look at what we know about Brock Lesnar steroids and potential usage.

His Frame

It’s obvious that Brock is genetically gifted, just look at what a great athlete he is and how great his physique is.

But, is his freaky size, strength, and speed, all down to genetics, or could he be using more powerful steroids such as Tren, Deca, and Winstrol?

He Was Around Wrestlers Before The Wellness Policy

Ever since the Chris Benoit tragedy, which the media obviously blamed on steroids, the WWE has been forced to test its wrestlers via the Wellness Policy, to ensure they don’t use steroids, or any other drugs.

However, when Brock was in OVW, and when making his debut, it was obvious that many wrestlers were juicing, so obviously Brock himself would have had access to steroids very easily.

This, however, means nothing in the long run because just because others around him were using, this doesn’t mean he was using.

He Isn’t Tested in the WWE

After the Mark Hunt fight controversy, the WWE was forced to admit that Brock Lesnar was not tested under their wellness drug testing policy because he was part-time and only appeared a few times each year.

Before then, many had assumed that Brock was tested like the other stars.

As he is exempt, however, he could easily have been using steroids without having to worry about being caught and suspended.

His WWE Debut Physique

If you want to see a truly impressive physique, just check out Brock Lesnar when he made his debut in the WWE.

Though he looks great now, back then he was on a different level.

He weighed a legit 295 pounds, with a body fat of around 9%.

He had visible ABS, he was pretty ripped and vascular, and he was huge.

He appeared on the cover of Flex magazine and Muscle and Fitness, so to build a body like that, many would assume that he was using steroids.

So, Are The Brock Lesnar Steroids Accusations True?

We of course don’t know for certain, but judging from his size, and the recent clomid controversy, if you asked us, we would have to say that we believe Brock Lesnar is using, or has used, steroids in the past.


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