Anavar Cycle For Women

Are you looking to learn more about running an Anavar cycle for women?

If so, you’ve come to the right place.

We all have different health and fitness goals and objectives in mind, which is why people train differently, eat differently, and basically live differently to one another.

Some people want to bulk up and build muscle, some look to train for strength, some wish to burn fat, and some wish to completely transform their body.

One thing that is for certain, however, sure as night follows day, is the fact that when people talk about bodybuilding, it won’t be long until somebody mentions the S word.

No, not that S word, we’re talking about Steroids.

Steroids, anabolic or otherwise, can prove incredibly effective for people trying to burn fat and build muscle.

However, some steroids and cycles are less potent than others.

When talking about steroids deemed safer than others, Anavar often springs to mind.

For women, Anavar is ideal because it is powerful enough to yield some impressive gains, without putting them at risk of detrimental side effects.

Below we’ll be taking a look at running an Anavar cycle for women as we learn all about this drug and the potential it has.

Anavar For Women

Anavar is one of the most popular steroids in the world, and is utilized by both men, and women alike.

For men, Anavar is considered very weak and is often a great place to begin with a new steroid cycle.

For women, however, it is powerful enough to provide some hugely impressive changes, without putting them at risk of harmful side effects.

Anavar is actually often referred to as ‘the girl steroid’ because it is so popular amongst women.

With women now becoming more interested in lifting than ever before, the girls who lift movement is now sweeping the nation and women are showing more of an interest in health and fitness than ever before.

Women often shy away from steroids for fear of becoming increasingly masculine, and whilst it is true that steroid abuse can cause women to take on very masculine characteristics, Anavar needn’t be a concern.

Anavar is to women, as testosterone is to men, as it is considered the ultimate steroid for women.

So then, it would make sense for you to read up on running an Anavar cycle for women before trying the steroid, and that is exactly what you can do here.

Why Is Anavar So Popular Amongst Women?

So, as you can probably tell, as we’ve described Anavar as the ultimate steroid for women, it is most certainly the real deal.

Women who are looking to transform their physiques, and perhaps even step on stage and compete, often turn to Anavar more than any other steroid.

But why?

Well, pretty much all other anabolic steroids currently in existence can yield some very severe side effects users, and women especially, can often be more at risk than men, due to their size and their genetic makeup.

Many steroids for women, as mentioned, can cause women to appear increasingly masculine, which essentially causes a woman to lose her femininity and potentially her identity as a person.

With Anavar, however, things could not be more different.

Not only is Anavar very mild, it can also provide some very impressive changes to a woman’s physique when she uses it.

Anavar During The Off-season

Whether you compete and use your off-season for bulking up, or if you just want to look great in the summer and class Fall/Winter as your off-season, Anavar can be very effective.

When using this steroid in the off-season, the objective is to obviously build as much muscle tissue as possible.

However, unlike most men who bulk, women often wish to keep their body fat levels very low, and will therefore take a very conservative approach to their bulking phase.

Now, as the steroid is so mild, men who use it whilst bulking will often see virtually no noticeable changes to their physiques at all.

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In women, however, things are very different.

You see, as females are far more sensitive to this steroid, it will provide far more noticeable increases in lean muscle tissue, as well as increases in energy levels as well.

Of course, when bulking, supplements such as whey, creatine, fish oil, multivitamins, and mass gainers should be used, but for the most part, the right diet is the most important factor to consider.

Anavar Cycle For Women

Anavar When Cutting

Running an Anavar cycle for women when bulking is all well and good, but it is when cutting that Anavar really comes into its own.

When cutting, men see noticeable improvements in their physiques, but women, well, women often see complete transformations when using the drug.

Anavar, whether people will admit it or not, is almost certainly very prominently used amongst figure and fitness competitors and is partly responsible for their lean, muscular, and aesthetic bodies.

Women genetically find it harder to lose weight than men do, which is why Anavar is so useful.

For cutting, when the objective is to strip away body fat to reveal ripped muscle underneath, an Anavar cycle for women is ideal.

Anavar has been proven to help burn body fat, whilst preserving muscle tissue in the process.

For dieting down when a caloric deficit must be achieved to burn fat, Anavar burns fat whilst preserving muscle and preventing a drop in a person’s metabolic rate.

This not only helps to burn fat, it also helps to increase energy levels too, which is very important whilst dieting.

What About The Side Effects?

Though Anavar is popular because it is very tolerable and will therefore not cause masculine side effects in women, like all drugs and medications, there are still some side effects which users will need to be wary of.

In women, the main reason why steroid usage is considered such a taboo subject, is because often, most steroids can have virilising effects.

These generally causes women’s voices to become much deeper, their jawlines can become more prominent, they may see increases in body hair, plus they may even see enlargements of the clitoris in extreme cases.

Thankfully, with Anavar, these side effects should basically be of no concern at all.

Generally, potential side effects could include:

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Dizzy spells
  • Water retention
  • Stomach discomfort

Anavar Cycle For Women Dosage Info

If you are thinking of running an Anavar cycle for women, first and foremost, you must ensure that you have purchased your Anavar from a reputable source, and that it is actually what it claims to be.

Once you are happy that the Anavar is indeed the real deal, a few cycle suggestions could be: 10mg – 20mg per day for 6 – 8 weeks.

Here users are advised to begin with 10mg and to eventually increase to 20mg per day if they are happy it will cause no devastating side effects.

If you wish to run another cycle, it is advised that you take a break of 4 – 6 weeks off-cycle before beginning a brand new one.

As with all steroids, pay close attention to your body and if you begin noticing any adverse side effects, it is recommended that you come off of the drug altogether, or at the very least, that you lower the dosage.



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